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ompare the Vermeer Super M-Series Baler with the competition. Note the difference in the pickup wheels, hubs, axles, spindles and tire sizes. Compare the drive shafts, bearings and sprockets. Check out the difference in the gauge of the steel (in panels, tines, and strippers.) If youre serious about making hay, this is the baler you want! Vermeer Super M Balers feature rust-resistant yellow zinc- plated hardware throughout. Reinforced steel side shields feature flex-fit latches and a restraining system for extra protection when traveling at higher speeds. Recommended tractor horsepower for 605 Super M Series Balers is 80 hp; 70 hp on the 604 Super M. Hydraulic requirements: two pairs of auxiliary remote outlets; 2000 psi, 10 gpm flow; and 12 VDC power source. >

The Difference Is ҅


Tested! Proven!

Tested everywhere. In all types of conditions. On all kinds of crops. Alfalfa, bermuda, fescue, prairie hay, oat straw, bahia, short dry coastal, corn stalks, rye grass, milo stalks, and more.Plus, itҒs the only baler in the field today that offers an optional 2-YEAR LIMITED AGVANTAGEӔ WARRANTY. >



0h Upper drive, lower drive and starter rollers are built "through the wall" for added strength, durability and ease of maintenance. , y 2 -Y E A A R L I M IT E D AGV V V A NT T T A G EӔ W A R Whats driving your shafts and rollers? Vermeer Super M-Series Balers are equipped with large hex shaft and bearing combinations that come in one consistent size (1Ҿ" diameters; not two 1" and 1ܽ"). And they feature a hex design thats fast and easy to replace and maintain. Note the heavy-duty sprockets and heavy-duty premium-grade drive chains (#80 on the main drive). The idler bearings Җ 2 >
0h First-quality bearings extend wearability and chain life for some of the biggest wear points on round balers. >
0h The reliability of cut-out clutch protection vs slip clutches used on the majority of other balers. Ten-ball twine storage. Six ball loaded and ready (3 per side); plus extra storage for four more balls (2 per side). >
0h Rust-resistant yellow zinc-plated hardware. >
0h A simple, clean, open design that makes it easy to service and repair. Easy-to-adjust hydraulic/ spring belt tension E asy-to -adjust hydraulic/ - u st hy d rau lets you select everything from light soft-core bales to high-density packages and kick out finished bale sizes ranging anywhere from 36" up to 72" in diameter. li c/ >
0h Ground level service points, grouped and easy to access. spring b belt t t ension l ets you >
7 / >
16 " diameter are triple-lip sealed to withstand toughest baling conditions and minimize contamination. >
0h Safety/highway light assemblies. select eve eryth in g f rom li g ht >
0h Hydraulic hose guides. ft bl thihdit >
0h What do you have for wheels? Vermeer offers bigger sizes, more flotation and better choices! Choose standard 14L 16.1 flotation tires (largest among the five top-selling balers in their class) օ OR optional 21.5 L 16.1 flotation tires for even rougher ground conditions. Optional work lights to keep you operating no matter what time of day. >
0h Large hex drive shafts and sprockets. A hydraulic cushion tailgate cylinder >
0h An optional pressurized chain oiler automatically lubricates the drive chain every time the tailgate closes. reduces jolts to the frame and hinge points when the tailgate closes. >
0h A 2-Year Limited AgVantageӔ warranty (optional). A hitch pin retention device secures the hitch and ensures the proper diameter and length of hitch pin is used; also prevents the possibility of hay draggingӔ from extended hitch pins. >
14L 16.1standard tires.21.5 L 16.1 optional flotation tires. (max. 25 mph) size="-1">

Round Balers - Super M Series  605 Super M Baler
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    Cut-out clutch protectiontotally eliminates hot or burned out discs in accidental overfill and overload situations (a fairly common problem with friction...
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    Why pay extra for parts you don't need? With Direct Crop Feed the Vermeer Super M-Series Baler eliminates those extra costs and re-invests them in stronger,...
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    The Vermeer Netwrap System is simple, easy to load, easy to feed, and it totally eliminates the need for rubber feed rollers or feed belts. It also accommodates...
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    W hat's behind all the differences in Super M Series Balers?SIMPLICITY! EVERYWHERE! From the baler pickup assembly to twine feeding. From bale formation...
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    The Difference Is 600 SUPER M-SERIES SPECIFICATIONS Efficiency! BALE SIZE > 605 Super M 604 Super M 605 Cornstalk Special* Bale diameter 36" (.91...
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