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TF Series Marine Gas Turbine Engines - 4000 to 5600 Hp - 2 / 2 Pages

Engine SpecificationsTF40ETF40BTF50A >


Driven By Speed & Power

The TF Series Marine Gas turbine engines including theTF40, ETF40B and TF50A offer the ideal solution formarine power where compact size and light weight canbe translated to faster vessel speed, greater payload,
or simply more power per foot of machinery space. Thedesign of the TF Series engines allows simple cantile-ver mounting from the reduction gear, which results in
both the lightest weight installation possible and the
most efficient design. With more than 50 years of heri-tage originating with the Lycoming Engine Company,the rugged TF Series gas turbines have accumulated
hundreds of thousand of hours in military and commer-cial service around the world. For complete details go to www.vericor.com/marine >
*Average engine performance at ISO conditions 15C, no inlet, exhaust or gear losses. Boost ratingavailable for applications not exceeding 500 hr per year. Military ratings may vary with application. **Weight is for gas turbine complete with lube, fuel and control system.


c D b

Propulsion Applications

Corvettes Fast attack craftFast patrol boatsHovercraft
Mega yachtsFast ferries >

Key Features

Operates on marine diesel fuelSmallest installed volume / lowest installed weightModular engine design reduces maintenance costSimplified installation with cold end drive and cantilever mount
Precise digital engine control and monitoringNo warm up required / start capability down to -50CLow vibration and ultra low emission levels >

Power Generation

Military and commercial vessels with integrated electrical power systems. >

Key Benefits

Proven reliability with US Navy, foreign navies and commercial operators
worldwideIdeally suited for CODAG and CODOG systemsCommercial classification through ABS, DnV and others
Vericor worldwide support >
An MTU Aero Engines CompanyVericor Power Systems Inc.3625 Brookside Parkway
Suite 500Alpharetta, GA 30022 ? USATel. +1 770 569-8806
Fax +1 770 569-0399

About Vericor

Vericor is an MTU Aero Engines Company based in Alpharetta, Georgia USA. Vericorsupplies gas turbines, systems and related services for marine, oil and gas andpower generation customers. Vericor is dedicated to being responsive, flexible andeasy to work with while providing quality, cost-effective solutions and services.
Continuous Power(MCR)*
Boost PowerWeight**
Specific FuelConsumption (SFC)* at
Length (a) flange to
Height (b)Width (c)
FuelOutput Speed
4,000 shp2,983 kW
4,600 shp
3,430 kW
1,325 lbs
602 kg
.491 lbs/shp-hr
299 gm/kw-hr52 in 1,321 mm41 in1,046 mm
35 in
889 mm15,400 rpm
4960 shp3,700 kW
5460 shp
4,073 kW
1500 lbs
682 kg
.459 lbs/shp-hr
279 gm/kw-hr52 in1,321 mm
41 in
1.046 mm
35 in
889 mm15,400 rpm
5,100 shp3,803 kW
5,600 shp
4,176 kW
1,565 lbs
710 kg
.455 lbs/shp-hr
276 gm/kw-hr55 in1,397 mm
41 in
1,046 mm
35 in
889 mm16,000 rpmMarine diesel, kerousine, or jet fuel >

TF Series Marine Gas Turbine Engines - 4000 to 5600 Hp
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    An MTU Aero Engines Company TF Series Marine Gas Turbine Engines - 4000 to 5600 Hp >
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