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PageBasic Description, Advantages2Selection of Conductorsand Engineering Data3Steel Copperhead Railsand Accessories4-6Aluminium Copperhead Railsand Accessories8, 9Hollow Aluminium Copperhead Railsand Accessories10Fibreglass Copperhead Railsand Accessories11Solid Copper Rails and Accessories12
PageRailholders and Ground Supports13Insulators up to 1000 V14High Voltage Insulators15Current Collectors16, 17
Spare Parts for Current Collectors18
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The Copperhead Conductor Rail was invented by PAUL VAHLEin the year 1912, and from this beginning the VAHLE COMPA-NY continuously improved and developed the many Rail Sys-
tems, detailed in this catalogue.The TӔ or hollow TӔ section and the extruded copperhead isdrawn through a special die, which compresses the copperflanges around the dovetail head of the rail, connecting the twocomponents to a 100 % rigid unit.The well-known VAHLE Copperhead Conductor Rails representa neat and compact arrangement and have proven an out-
standing success for safe power feeding of:Travelling cranes, Loading bridges, Container handlingequipment, Monorails, Hoists, Coking machinery andmany other applications.The VAHLE Copperhead Conductor Rails are available in sizesto meet individual current requirements from 200 to 1,500 Amps. Fibreglass-Copperhead Rails are preferably used for applica-tions in corrosive atmospheres and in locations with high
humidity. Aluminium-Copperhead Rails are very economical due to thelight weight of the Aluminium and its high conductivity. Solid-Copper Rails are recommended for heavy duty currentrating and for humid locations.The rails are supplied in 7 m (23) and 14 m (46Ғ) standardlengths, drilled at either end for joint plates or expansion connectors. Shorter lengths are available to coincide with your
run way lengths requirements.We produce a complete range of Accessories, Insulators andCurrent Collectors.Low weight of rails and saving of steel superstructure andspace.Variation in temperature and resulting expansion and contrac-tion is compensated by standard expansion joints.If required, VAHLE Copperhead Rails can also be supplied bentto your specification.Heating systems are available for all VAHLE Rails.
For Ducting Systems and Housings incorporating VAHLE Railsand Accessories see separate catalogue No. 5 -Heavy Enclosed Conductor Systems. >


With VAHLE-Systems you eliminate all drawbacks inherent in
the conventional design of trolley wires, steel angles and steelrails.Copperhead Rails ensure an efficient and continuous contact.There is no sparking.The easy maintenance is a proven low factor.No losses due to interruption of service, no downtime.Negligible wear - almost unlimited life of conductors.Much lower resistance between copperhead and carbon pick-up shoe.
The main users are:Steel mills, Coking plants, Gas works, Cement indus-tries, Ship yards and Dockside enterprises. >


Copperhead Conductor Systems
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    SELECTION OF CONDUCTORS ' 19^2 duty cycle Zed 100 % 1.00 80 % 0.90 60 % 0.78 50 % 0.71 40 % 0.63 ...
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    1912 STEEL-COPPERHEAD RAILS Scale?? : ?? Steelcrosssectionmm Equival.totalcoppercon-ductormm TypeCoppercrosssectionmm HmmammbmmWeightkg/mMax.conti-nuousACatalog-No....
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    ACCESSORIES 1912 Scale?? : 5 Expansion Joints TypeMaterialWeightkgCatalog-No. DLM 20/14 0.32??00??60 DLM 20/25 brass0.35??00??70 DLM 20/50 0.38??00??80...
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    1912 ACCESSORIES Feeder Clamps TypeMaterialWeightkgCatalog-No. LM 20/14-100 brass0.??7??00590 Cu 20/14 0.06??00600 Cu 20/25 copper0.08??04850 0.08??04840...
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    VAHLE RAILS IN ACTION 1912 Bridge CraneConductor Transfer Ends Coking Plant > 7
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