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Catalogue excerpts

Current SEnsors Advanced Materials – The Key to Progress Active current sensors for maximum accuracy

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We are a global company with our headquarters in Hanau, Germany. We currently have over 4000 employees who are spread over production and sales locations in more than 40 countries on every continent to generate annual sales of approximately EUR 490 million. 2 UK ACTiVE CURRENT SENSORS FOR MAXiMUM ACCURACY

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Advanced Materials – The Key to Progress Vacuumschmelze GmbH & Co. KG is one of world's leading producers of special metallic materials and related products. Our wide range of high quality semi-finished products, parts, components and systems are used in virtually every field of electrical and electronic engineering. This makes us one of the few global companies to offer its customers the complete range of magnetic technology products from a single source – from magnetically soft products to the most powerful permanent magnets in the world. One of our great strengths is our versatility. All of...

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TYPiCAL APPLiCATiONS • Variable speed drives • Uninterruptible power supplies • Welding inverters • Switched mode power supplies • Photovoltaics VAC CURRENT SENSOR SERiES VAC offers four current sensor series fur PCB mounting in which electronics and primary conductors are integrated. The VAC principle of the closed-loop sensor with magnetic probe as a zero field detector is distinguished by maximum precision of the current detection. The electronics of the new VAC current sensors are concentrated almost entirely in a new IC, which has been developed by VAC in conjunction with a leading semiconductor...

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• closed-loop sensor with magnetic probe developed by VAC • four standard series for rated currents of 6 A to 100 A and peak currents up to + 200 A in compact designs • types for + 5 Volt power supply with voltage output. Optional internal or external reference voltage • types for ± 12 ... 15 Volt power supply with current output • very good measuring accuracy, minimum DC offset with very low hysteresis • negligible output noise or periodic signal at zero input • very low temperature dependence and long-term drift of the output variable • low rise time, wide frequency range • low-cost constructions •...

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Mechanical outline Output variable System/working voltage acc. to EN 61800-5-1 (reinforced insul.; insul. mat. group 1; PD 2; OV 3) Rated current IPN, rms@K N = 1 : N Ambient temperature range Tamb Type Series of VAC current sensors

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Mechanical outline System/working voltage acc. to EN 61800-5-1 (reinforced insul.; insul. mat. group 1; PD 2; OV 3) Ambient temperature range Tamb Output variable Rated current IPN, rms@K N = 1 : N Reflow-solderable versions (“Paste-to-Pin”) of these types are available. Please enquire. Reference voltage output 2.5 ± 0.005 V. Ri = 670 Ohm. Can be overwritten and therefore used as an input for an external reference. Voltage range 0 ... 4 V. Types without reference voltage input/output (Vref – pin): For new developments we recommend the use of the types of 4646-X66x or 4646-X76x with reference voltage...

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Mechanical outlines Drawing no. 1 Photos for illustration purposes only Active current sensors for maximum accuracy

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Photos for illustration purposes only Active current sensors for maximum accuracy

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Type T60404-N4646-X300 Tolerances grid distance ±0,3 Drawing no. 6 Type T60404-N4646-X400 Photos for illustration purposes only 10 MR ACTiVE CURRENT SENSORS FOR MAXiMUM ACCURACY

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Photos for illustration purposes only ACTiVE CURRENT SENSORS FOR MAXiMUM ACCURACY VM. 11

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CROSS-REFERENCE LiST The sensors of the VAC type series can replace competitive products in many cases and generally offer superior performance with respect to accuracy, temperature drift and quality of the quiescent signal. The following table lists the available products with which the VAC sensors are electrically and mechanically compatible according to the data sheet comparison. Minor differences may still exist and therefore the customer is responsible for the actual suitability in their specific application. A large number of other competitive types can be replaced functionally with modifications...

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Technical Appendix Functional Principle of VAC Current sensors Two major advantages of the compensation current sensors are their high linearity and their excellent dynamic properties. The current IP to be measured is magnetically coupled to the compensation current through a soft magnetic core. The magnetic flux of this core is measured by a magnetic probe and controlled to zero by the electronics, generating a compensation current IS in the compensation coil. This current and thus the output voltage across the burden resistor are proportional to the primary current IP. Primary Conductor Compensation...

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VAC closed loop sensors offer high continuous and peak currents in a very compact form Types, like e.g. T60404-N4646-X764, detect maximum rms continuous currents up to 50 A and peak currents up to ± 150 A in a design with the dimensions 22.2 mm x 10.0 mm x 24.0 mm (L x W x H). Reflow-solderable types available The types T60404-N4646-X681 and -X682 (not included in this brochure) are electrically and mechanically compatible to the types T60404-N4646-X661 and -X662. They are however reflow-solderable and are therefore suitable for the automated processing e.g. on PCBs, which are exclusivly or predominantly...

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TYPICAL PERFORMANCE Measured at VAC sensor with unipolar + 5 V supply and voltage output. T60404-N4646-X661, IPN=25 A, IPmax=± 85 A. TEMPERATURE RESPONSE OFFSET Low offset, almost temperature-independent, easily com pensatable (IP=IPN) TEMPERATURE RESPONSE GAIN Low gain-error, almost temperature-independent (IP=IPN) The output signal Vout (here expressed as the equivalent of the input current) follows the input signal IP with negligible delay and adapts quickly to the static value. Shown here for IP=25 A and IP = 80 A. ACTiVE CURRENT SENSORS FOR MAXiMUM ACCURACY I8«    15

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