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Vaculex ParceLift TM – faster, smoother loading and unloading Versatile, ergonomically designed and easy to operate, the Vaculex ParceLift TM increases productivity and efficiency when loading and unloading loose loaded cargo into/out of trucks and containers. The Vaculex ParceLiftTM offers several defining benefits. It can handle a great variety of products and/or parcels in terms of size, shape and weight, up to 40 kg. It can be fully integrated into many types of telescopic conveyors both factory-fitted or retrofitted at the customer’s premises. Furthermore, it maximises working height by sensing the headroom available and adjusting itself automatically, making it the ideal solution for working in confined spaces with limited headroom. injury - if you are in the logistics, transportation, warehouse, mail order, air cargo or any other businesses where frequent and fast lifting activities take place, the Vaculex solutions have the power to make a real difference to your daily operations. When it comes to operating, the Vaculex ParceLiftTM has been designed to create the optimal working experience. It allows the user to grip an item from any side, turn it 360° and release it as required. In addition, it has been created for easy, intuitive operation and requires minimal training. • Increases productivity Easy to use, optimised productivity and less risk of • User friendly, easy operation Benefits • Excellent ergonomics • Improves efficiency • Reduces the risk of injury • Rel

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Technical specification – Vaculex ParceLift TM Vaculex ParceLift TM Crane, Frame and Lift Unit Recommended max load Safety factor (Attachment force/Lifting force) Suction foot dimension* Crane weight Lifter weight Total weight Sound level 1 m from control handle Vaculex ParceLift TM Pump Unit Power Pump Unit weight Sound Level 1 m from Pump unit *Several alternative suction feet are available WAD FAW* FBW FCW VAAH* TAH* FAAH* FABH FAAL FABL HE AD OFFICE SWEDEN Vaculex AB Aminogatan 20 SE-431 53 MÖLNDAL SWEDEN +46 (0)31 670100 SALES OFFICE UK Vaculex UK Ltd 6th Floor Trigate 210-222...

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