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Catalogue excerpts

Vaculex and Microlex Efficient, versatile and user-friendly vacuum tube lifters

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Our vacuum tube lifters are designed for lifts between 5 and 200 kg. They are simple to install, very easy to use and can be adapted to lift virtually any object. Good ergonomics is good economics Repeated lifts do not have to be heavy to be both dangerous and costly. Most often, vacuum tube lifters lead to an increased work rate and better productivity. Costs for extended periods of sick leave are reduced and rehabilitation periods are avoided. Our tube lifters minimize that type of problem and also reduce the risk of accidents that can injure the user as well as damage the goods. Lift almost...

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Unique safety Since the suction foot is always dimensioned in accordance with the vacuum lift tube, you don’t risk dropping lifted objects that are too heavy. If the weight is too much, the tube lift Vaculex as a lifting tool at a bakery. Lifting sacks of wheat from pallet to mixer. will simply not lift it. This reduces the risk of personal injury and damaged goods. If the vacuum pump should stop, the depression is retained so that the load can be lowered in a controlled manner. If you are lifting with fixed gripping tools, Vaculex can also be fitted with our patented protection valve. Easy to...

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Vaculex and Microlex Vaculex is our most heavy-duty vacuum tube lifter – a strong, versatile and user-friendly model for use with two hands and for lifts between 30 and 200 kg. Vaculex is available in six lift tube sizes, Suspension eye. Available in various models, to suit most of the jib or bridge cranes on the market. between 100 mm and 200 mm, with five different vacuum pumps and many accessories and suction feet for a virtually infinite number of combinations. Normally, Vaculex is driven by an electric vacuum pump for best performance and flexibility but we can also provide pneumatic vacuum...

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Life of the units Vaculex and Microlex are basically impossible to wear out. We offer a three-year guarantee on all parts, including lift tube, except for Non-return top valve to avoid injuries. The Non-return valve ensures that in the event of a power failure such as a pump breakdown, the lift unit will slowly descend to the floor. A fact which minimizes personal injury and material damage. wearing parts such as rubber sealing gaskets, filter inserts, drive belt for pump etc. Our first tube lift was installed more than ten years ago and is still in daily use. Safety User safety is a key issue...

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Yoke foot with two adjustable feet. Suitable for cardboard boxes with divided lid, materials in sheet form, etc. A large range available. Yoke foot with four adjustable feet. Suitable for long, thin materials like steel sheets, board sheets etc. A large range available. Curved suction foot. For lifting tubular frames, axles, drums etc. Available in customized sizes. Angle adaptor. Suitable for moving, for instance, sheet metal from a horizontal to a vertical position or vice versa. Sound reduction box. Available for all electric pump sizes. Large dust filter. Useful in dusty environments. Vaculex...

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Cross yoke foot, (H-shaped), with four adjustable feet. Suitable for large steel sheets, board sheets etc. A large range available. Oval suction foot. Principally for handling sacks but also suitable for plastic shrink-wrapped goods. Available in several sizes. Rectangular suction foot. For handling goods with sealed surfaces such as cardboard, sheet metal, plate, etc. Many sizes available. Round suction foot. Suitable for handling cans, drums, stones, bricks etc. Several diameters available. Bottom Swivel. To rotate the goods 360º while keeping the control unit in a fixed position. Suitable when...

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Can you predict the risk of injuries1 Since Vaculex started operations almost twenty years ago, our aim has been to produce the most ergonomic, safe and dependable vacuum tube lifters in the world. We have focused on two things: M • inimizing injuries caused by weights, poor working positions and high work rates. • Increasing productivity. Among other things, we have conducted a number of analyses on different types of lifts with the help of NIOSH (National Institute for Occupational Safety and Ex 1. From pallet to table with a twist 10 kg (22 lbs) box, 1 lift/hour = 14% get injuries within 2...

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