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Small Powered Vacuum Lifters for horizontal transports - 5 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Small Powered Vacuum Lifters Small Powered Vacuum Lifters for horizontal transports VACU-LIFT offers you a wide variety of standard systems for the gentle transport of your loads, also for sensitive products. A tried and tested technique with outstanding durability. > standard and individual solutions > long-life, high-quality systems and components > flexible retrofittable devices > flexible configurations for different loads and sensitive surfaces Picture 2 > lifting capacities up to 1,250 kg with one basic unit Easy Solutions For Heavy Loads.

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Small Powered Vacuum Lifters for horizontal transports Easy solutions for heavy loads Further advantages If you want to transport steel, stone, wood or plastic… whether the surface is smooth, rough or porous… VACU-LIFT can handle it with our standard systems for the gentle transport of your loads. > easy control by hand lever, cable remote control, mounted operating panel, radio controlled or automatic mode on demand > low maintenance and easy to service > available standard voltages 24, 230, 400 or 500 Volt > increased safety with optical acoustical safety unit accordingly DIN EN 13155 > also...

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Lifting capacity Maximum size of the load* Dead weight Suction pads Quantity / Size Small Powered Vacuum Lifters Connected load * It is important that there is no bending of the load during transportation. The above maximum load sizes refer to steel sheet thickness of 1 or 2 mm. A different thickness or material may alter the specifications. Easy Solutions For Heavy Loads. VACU C LIFT Vacuum Transport Systems

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Application fields More than 40 years … more than 20,000 devices …. worldwide VACU-LIFT Transport Systems are designed for various branches of industry and multifunctional applications. Either as a standard or as a customised system. One part of our services is the prompt delivery of all relevant components. Individual fields of application and the enormous versatility of our vacuum transport systems leave nothing to be desired. Our solutions are the essential component for the economical and failure free operation of many companies. Furthermore, our team of experienced customer engineers and...

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Small resting trestles Operating panel Automatic control Foldable beam Safety webbings (pair) Chain suspension Small Powered Vacuum Lifters · Version 11/2009 · All information are subject to alterations Cable remote control Weld-on hooks We will always have and take time for our customers. We hope this brochure has provided you with a first impression and an interesting overview about the VACU-LIFT standard powered systems for the gentle transport of your loads, also for sensitive products. If you would like to learn more about our products give us a call. VACU-LIFT Maschinenbau GmbH www.vaculift.de...

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