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CATALOGUE 2016 - 250 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts


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Sliding door Power supply Swing door Solar powered Roller shutter and screen Mechanical limit switch Traffic light output Electronic limit switch Control unit power supply voltage Motor power supply Manual override Built-in inverter Built-in receiver Built-in receiver Connector for modular receiver Connector for modular receiver Output for flashing light without intermittence Courtesy light on/off Output for flashing light with intermittence Multiple groups Interface for connecting ADI modules Automatic or manual operation Control unit set up for LUX2+ module connection Control unit set up for...

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4 value to life / the value of being great 6 value to history / a reality in continuous motion 8 value to be / our values 10 value to innovation / v2 innovation GATE2016 16 value to time / motors for sliding gates 36 value to beauty / motors for swing gates 68 value to facility / motors for garage doors and rolling shutters 94 value to security / motors for barriers 102 value to control / control units 130 value to comfort / transmitters and receivers 146 value to safety / security devices and accessories 172 value to synthesis / electronic kits SCREEN2016 182 value to movement / tubular motors 228...

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Automation is an added value to everyday life. Since 1980, through our products, we've made it more and more present in everyday life. And we keep doing it. All around the world. We are over thirty years old and we still have much enthusiasm to grow. With 7 locations in the world, we are a multinational company that since 1980 has designed integrated solutions for automation. A company in continuous expansion, which declines the concept of technological innovation in all its forms, from the automated systems for gates to those for garages and windows, up to the safety devices. Our solutions, perfect...

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Thoughts in motion The founders Antonio Livio Costamagna and Francesco Ceniccola start a small business in the field of electronics in which they had been active for years. The Number One is born in House V2 produces the first radio control in its history: a conquest that marks the birth of a type of important product for the company, which will contribute to its future success. The story becomes automatic V2 produces and distributes the first range of electronic equipment for the automation of gates. Open borders: V2 Spain and beyond V2 Spain, a commercial branch for the Spanish speaking markets,...

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V2 Value moves the world Quality, safety and reliability: these are the characteristics of the first motors manufactured by V2, with new applications in the field of the automation of awnings and rolling shutters. Handy: a jewel designed by Giugiaro While the construction of the new futuristic headquarters in Racconigi starts, Giugiaro designs a prestigious and exclusive remote control. A great stylist for a great technology. The new location was inaugurated in January: a contemporary architecture, reviewed by the prestigious architecture magazine "L'Arca", a meeting space for people and ideas. France,...

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Innovation. Change, develop, grow: innovation is our core business. For over thirty years we have been working with passion to seek new solutions for automation: this has allowed us to make the value of V2 known worldwide. Quality. The quality of our products, even before the technology, is due to the value of our people: the best designers, engineers, inspectors, specialists in marketing and sales. People choosing advanced techniques and materials, combining them together in the best possible way, anticipating the market needs, always creating new value. Safety. Each of our automation system...

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V2 products and appreci the world. Our path of research and innovation has always been characterized by a strong international focus, that allows us today to see our automation solutions installed and operational in more than 40 Countries. ITALY V2 S.p.A. Corso Principi di Piemonte 65/67 12035 RACCONIGI CN (ITALY) Tel. +39 0172 812411 Fax +39 0172 84050 info@v2home.com In addition to the Italian branch in Racconigi (near Turin), we have subsidiaries in Barcelona (Spain), Genas (France), Caxarias (Portugal), Casablanca (Morocco), Tunis (Tunisia) and Hangzhou (China). Seven premises around the world, to...

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Our world is constantly growing, because it is only by putting passion in addressing new challenges that truly innovative solutions may arise. Innovation to us means the achievement of a perfect synthesis of technology and accessibility: the more solutions are at the forefront, the more they must be simple to use. From this philosophy, we create every year new proposals in order to respond in an advanced way to the real needs of the people using our products. We are pleased to introduce, in the following pages, the last born in V2.

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V2 Value moves the world

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cityl-evoUniversal control unit and management software The evolution of the City The V2 solution to simplify the management of installations. One control unit for all installation requirements, ideal for professionals but also for less experienced users. One management software for scheduling, updating and monitoring installations. PRACTICAL VALUE • EASY PROGRAMMING: the programming menu of the control unit is structured on two levels, BASIC or ADVANCED, to suit all needs, even of novice users. • QUICK INSTALLATION: to reduce intervention times, the installer can program the control unit with...

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V2 Value moves the world INDUSTRIAL CONTAINER CITY1-EVO is also available in a handy industrial container equipped with a DIN rail and safety disconnecting switch

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The future is already here “V2 AppTool” is the app by V2 designed specifically for installers. By installing the new module BT01 on the control unit, you can easily interface with the entire range of V2 digital control units using your smartphone or tablet. V2 “AppTool” simplifies and speeds up your work! PRACTICAL VALUE TECHNICAL VALUE • V2 AppTool allows you to interface with all parameters of the control unit. The app of V2 quickly and easily reads, modifies and rewrites the parameters. • V2 AppTool is available for Android and iOS devices. It communicates with the control unit via bluetooth...

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