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UV Fiber Lasers - 2 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

UV Fiber Lasers General V-Gen's UV pulsed series of fiber lasers (355nm) incorporate cutting-edge technology to provide top performance for precisionintensive applications such as micromachining, micro drilling, thin film sputtering (PLD), surface cleaning and stripping of plastics, ceramics and metals, glass processing and more. The pulsed UV lasers are comprised of short-pulse, linearly polarized Ytterbium fiber lasers in MOPA configuration with a third harmonic generation (THG) module providing output power of up to 5W. For full and reliable system usage over a wide range of operations, the RS232/TTL control interface is designed for easy operation and precise tuning of various laser parameters -- output power, pulse energy, peak power, repetition rate and pulse width. A high pulse repetition rate combined with very short pulse and high peak power enable high system throughput for maximum operation efficiency. Housed in a robust, industrial standard assembly, the UV pulsed laser series delivers a high quality, near diffractionlimited output beam. Solidly constructed, V-Gen’s UV pulsed lasers provides clients with a reliable, maintenancefree system ensuring long-life operation at low operational cost. Highlights • OEM ready • Maintenance-free for cost-saving operation • Complies with industry standards • Tunable parameters for wide range of operations • Very high pulse repetition rate with very short pulse width • High reliability and long life time • Low weight and small size for easy deployment • Simple parameter setting and system testing by PC or hand-held computer Applications • Fine processing • Micromachining • Scribing, thin film cutting, ITO patterning • Flexible circuit laser processing • Laser marking on various metals and plastics • Sapphire (LED) laser scribing • LED laser lift-off • Si wafer laser scribing • Via hole drilling for flip chips, flexible circuits and PCBs • Medical applications Main features • Up to 5 W average output power • Up to 4 kW peak power • 1 – 20 nsec (tunable) pulse width • 50 – 700 kHz (tunable) repetition rate • High beam quality (M²<1.3) • Forced air for efficient system cooling • RS232 and TTL interfaces

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UV Fiber Lasers About V-Gen V-Gen develops, manufactures and markets high quality innovative laser systems for a wide range of industrial applications. The company's laser systems are the product of extensive experience and the cuttingedge know-how that V-Gen's professional team has developed over the years. Tablet optional wireless control Operational mode Wavelength Repetition rate (tunable) Pulse width Operational voltage Operating temp. Wall-plug efficiency In the industrial field, the company develops and manufactures pulsed Ytterbium, Thulium, Erbium, Green and UV fiber-lasers for such applications...

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