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PSS-20 Particulate Sampling System - 2 Pages

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Dynamic Diesel Emission Technology > Higher demands for cost reduction, enhanced process and engine control efficiency, coupled with increased environmental awareness is pushing the development of faster, more cost effective, and more sensitive next generation particulate analyzers. With years of advanced technical development and particle monitoring experience these demands have been met with the PSS20 Particulate Sampling System. The PSS20 system is a partial flow dilution microtunnel designed for sampling diesel exhaust gas, diluted or not, transient or stationary, to determine particulate emission levels. The principle of partial sampling of gases makes it possible to utilize the system on any size diesel engine from a few KW to large naval engines in any test cell or location. The PSS20 is designed for todays new engine concepts and with todayҒs diesel engines lower than ever particulate output can provide precise gravimetric particle measurements. Cost effectiveness exists as the PSS 20 can replace the costly and complex CVS method of PM measurements. National and International PM sampling regulation requirements such as EEC, ISO -8178, and ISO 16183 are met or exceeded. The application flexible system consists of two main units. A mobile control cabinet and one mobile sampling and dilution unit. This allows the system close proximity to the engine and at most any orientation to accommodate any test cell configuration. Technical Data > Dilution Air Flow 1 10 m3/h Diameter- Mini-tunnel 38 mm Total Flow 1 - 10 m3/h Length ֖ Mini-tunnel 250 mm Gas Volume Measure Mechanical Flowmeters Filter Holder 70mm, 47mm Digital Encoders Multiple Filter Holder Double or multiplexer unit Resolution 14,000 pulse/L Voltage Supply 110V/60Hz Accuracy +/- 0.1 % Ambient Temp. 10 40 deg. C Response Time (T50) < 0.3 sec Dilution Unit 1200 x 300 x 800 mm Control Unit PC Workstation Control Unit 600 x 800 x 1600 mm Flat screen , Touchpad Signal Processing WAGO I/O And Interface Serial/TCP IP size="-1">

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The heart of the PSS20 are the low inertia mechanical type flowmeters connected to variable speed volumetric pumps. This unique and highly proven configuration makes it possible to obtain a system response time, in transient test cycles, of less than 0.25 sec. (In accordance with ISO 16183). The mechanical type flow measurement system offers ultra high instrument stability and measurement repeatability that dramatically reduces the need for costly and intensive systems calibration. The PSS20 is simple to operate and the user friendly interface provides easy to decipher continuous process updates...

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