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H-Sense Hydrogen Gas Analyzer - 2 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

V&F INSTRUMENTS INC. Stand Alone or Combined Applications > HSENSE As a stand alone machine, or with the idealcombination together with our well proven IMR mass spectrometer AIRSENSE, applica- tions range from emission control to land fill monitoring, from fuel cell to sensor R&D and engine test benches.Our user friendly software package takesover all systems set up and data reporting issues. > On-Line Process Analysis of Hydrogen Dynamic Online Measurement Highly sophisticated analytical techniquescan be a leading factor towards the success in applications such as process optimiza- tion, or fuel cell R&D.The series H-SENSE had been introduced tothe industry in order to fulfil the demand of a highly dynamic H H-SENSE offersreliable low maintenanceoperation. The measurement principle is based on thesector field mass spectroscopy, optimized to measure fast, dynamic and on-line the mass range of 2-4 amu with the overall response time less than 1 sec . > 2 and He analyticalinstrument. Proven Technology Robustness and reliability together withproven components for gas inlet and vacu- um system, optimized serviceability and a minimum of operational cost reflect more than 15 years of experience within the field of the mass spectroscopy. Combining well proven technology with our unique and highly dynamic sampling system, the >

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Fax: (734) 424-1580e-mail: vfi@vandfna.com 1136 Baker RoadDexter, Michigan 48130 http://www.vandfna.com DBH֖SENSE / E / 04.03 Technical changes reservedmanufactured by size="-4">

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