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dual ion mobility mass spectrometer (IMS) TwinMS - 2 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

V&F INSTRUMENTS INC. Proven Technology Optimised serviceability and minimum opera-tional costs reflecting the more than 15 years of experience and development steps within the IMR-Mass Spectroscopy.A single and user friendly software packagecombines both analy z ers in terms of all sys-tem`s set-up and data reporting issues, being driven by either an internal PC-Controller or an external AK- or PLC master. Unlike others, it is not necessary to synchronise measurement rou- tines and data monitoring afterwards. > TwinMS Highly Dynamic On-Line Gas Analysis Optimized Dual MS Consequential developments within the rangeof analytical equipment offer room for improve- ments within processes and/or catalytical reac- tions which then lead towards state of the art engines and lowest possible emissions.The TwinMS dual mass spectrometer features aunique combination which has been specifically developed in order to measure pre- and post catalyst fast and simultaneously. The single robust platform consists of two par-allel installed Ion Molecule Reaction (IMR) mass spectrometers, each configured with a single heated sample inlet port. Highly Dynamic For more than 15 years, engineers around theworld working in process control applications or R&D projects within the automotive industry have been highly satisfied using proven and most reliable IMR measurement technique. The unique IMR features currently known (i.e.for highly selective, wide dynamic range, fast and reliable etc.) have now been further improved by offering even faster gas meas- urement. We offer either two separate sample streams individually, or a combined sample inlet achieving the highest possible time resolution available in the market today. >

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z e the probe gasmolecules. The signal noise ratio will be optimi > 5. 4. 3. z edby the integrated e mass filter (0-500 amu) then separatesthe molecules for further detection at the fast pulse counter. The two separate sample gas inlets ( with tempera-ture and pressure compensation) offer to measure two identified o ctopol e separator, focusing theprimary ions and filtering out any interferences. The quadrupol > 2. m olecules at each of the samplestreams at once (pre and post catalyst analysis). Both inlets are designed to avoid any discrimination of the gas and minimise the contamination due...

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