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CO2-Sense CO2 Quality Monitoring System - 2 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

V&F INSTRUMENTS INC. Proven, Flexible and Sound Technology Minimized service and optimized operationalcost, all in line with flexibility, easy to adapt and an user friendly interface have been achieved by combining a well proven technology with state of the art manufacturing capabilities.Cost effective standard PTFE tubing is used fortransporting the probe gas from point of sam- pling to the analyzer. An optional multi-sample switch can be offered to address a number of sampling points throughout the plant. Adding a new measurement routine and/or new gas components of interest, the flexible software system allows to add or remove mole- cules from the list to measure without any hard- ware changes. This user friendly software pack- age captures all system set up, calibration, sta- tistics and data reporting issues, all being driven by either an internal PC-Controller or an exter- nal PLC master. All measurement data is stored in a monthly database in Access format for later use. > SENSE 2 CO CO2-SENSE is based on the Ion MoleculeReaction (IMR) mass spectrometer principle. Unlike others, the IMR mass spectroscopy offers ultra fast response time, a wide dynamic range, selective measurements and lowest detectable limits, all simultaneously. On-Line CO2Quality Control Trace Analysis and Quality Control CO2-SENSE Minimizing any health risk caused by anunknown contamination or impurity of the product, the food and beverages industry now takes over the responsibility for the quality con- trol of all incoming components into their process.Driven by a high profile specification in line withmore than 15 years of experience in the field of process mass spectroscopy, the model reflects the latest developmental stepwithin this range, targeting the highest possible flexibility and dynamic performance. With only one single measurement system, various appli- cations such as the truck filling stations, on-line process control, or certification of single bottles and storages tanks can be monitored either on demand or continuously. The >

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