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Airsense High Speed Multi-component Gas Analyzer - 2 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

V&F INSTRUMENTS INC. Applications Range widely Based on the principle of measurement andthe unique application capability ranges from automotive and catalytic developments, fuel cell R&D, waste burners and power plants, the food industry, pharmaceutical R&D and medical diagnostics. Proven Technology Minimized service and operational costs, flexi-bility and user friendly interface are achieved by the combining well proven technology and state of the art manufacturing capabilities.A user friendly software package contains sys-tem configurations and data reporting issues being driven by either by an internal PC- Controller or an external AK- or PLC master. > AIRSENSE On-Line Process Gas Analysis Fast Response and Selectivity Stricter and stricter environmental laws andregulations has resulted in new and elebo- rate technologies.Knowing the customers high profile expecta-tions combined with more than 15 years of experience, the model AIRSENSE reflects thelatest developmental step within the series of our process mass spectrometer.Focusing applications for non limited gascomponents, on line gas analysis should offer reliability, highest possible flexibility, and robustness all in once. The AIRSENSE is based on the Ion MoleculeReaction (IMR) mass spectrometer principle. Unlike others, the IMR mass spectroscopy offers an unique fast response time, a wide dynamic range, selective measurements and lowest detectable limits. >

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