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Airsense EI (Compact) Synchronized Double Mass Spectrometer - 2 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

V&F INSTRUMENTS INC. Dynamic Range This unique combination of two differentanalytic principles - known as the AIRSENSECompact - leads towards a wide dynamicrange, user friendly, compact and easy to use monitoring system. Optimized Operational Cost Optimi z ed serviceability and minimum opera-tional costs reflect the more than 15 years of experience and development steps within the IMR-Mass Spectroscopy.An user friendly software package combinesboth of the mass spectrometer configurations and data reporting issues. Unlike others, it is not necessary to overlap monitoring data afterwards. > AIRSENSECompact On-Line Analysis of Raw Emissions and Trace Gas Components AIRSENSE Compact z ation principle (EIMS) in which the com-plete system is now covering an enhanced application range. .The synchronised double mass spectrometerconsists of the Ion Molecule Reaction princi- ple (IMR) combined with the Electron Pulse Ioni Unique Combination Research and development have come upwith more and more complex technologies that require a flexible analysis which can only be achieved through a useful combination of various analytical procedures.In order to be flexible enough to have furtherroom for improvements, various measure- ment principles are needed to cover all the analytical techniques across the process. Unlike others using a number of single analy-sers, the real time parallel measurement of limited and unlimited gas components has been achieved by combining two mass spec- trometers in one single housing, called the >

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AIRSENSE Compact is a double mass spectrom-eter featuring the Ion Molecule Reaction (IMR) Mass Spec plus the Electron Pulse Ioni z ation (EIMS) MassSpec principle, housed in a user friendly system.By using the IMR principle, primary ions with lowerenergy levels are used to completely ionize the probegas molecules. The quadrupol > 5. 4. 7. e mass filter (0-500 amu)than separates the molecules for further detection atthe fast pulse counter.To measure raw and trace gas components simulta-neously within one system, we combine the EIMSprinciple with the IMR in one single housing which isnow reflecting...

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