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Machine / Ceiling Mount Smog-Hog Mist Collector - SHN / SG - 8 Pages

United Air Specialists, Inc.

a CLARCOR company


Machine / Ceiling Mount Smog-Hog Mist Collector - SHN / SG
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    SHN/SG SERIESTHE TIME-PROVEN ANSWERTO INDUSTRIAL FUME PROBLEMSTheThe most effective electrostatic precipitator (ESP) on the marketcomplete solutiontoday...
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    COMMON APPLICATIONS• Brazing• Plastic and rubber forming• Casting• Quenching• Cold forming• Screw machining•...
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    PRODUCT ENHANCEMENTS REDUCE COSTSUAS’ Mist-Stop filter dramatically reduces the amountAnother product enhancement is the expanded SHNof mist and...
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    NOBODY COMPARES TO UAS’ SHN/SG Series3 Reusable ESP collection components eliminate costly filter replacements and disposal.3 Flexible installation...
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    SHN OR SG?All SHN and SG units use the same electrostaticprecipitator technology to clean industrial mist and oilsmoke. Both systems are available in a...
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