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GEBAS type gensets UMEB offers a wider range of gensets, as well as other types of electrical equipment and services. Gensets: single-phase and three-phase generators, manually operated or with automatic (AMF) operation, stationary or mobile, installed outdoors - with soundproof canopy, or indoors - open frame models, covering a power range between 2 and 800 kVA, as well as welding gensets covering a welding current range between 20 and 500 A. The GEBAS genset series has been designed to fulfill all the energetic necessities of every type of electric appliance, having a compact design, powerful,...

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The standard range of three-phase GEBAS type Diesel engine gensets Apparent power [kVA] Model GEBAS 17 IW GEBAS 22 IW GEBAS 25 IW GEBAS 30 IW GEBAS 35 IW GEBAS 40 PW GEBAS 50 PW GEBAS 60 PW GEBAS 75 PW GEBAS 80 PW GEBAS 100 DW GEBAS 120 DW GEBAS 135 DW GEBAS 150 DW GEBAS 170 DW GEBAS 190 DW GEBAS 200 DW GEBAS 220 DW GEBAS 240 DW GEBAS 260 DW GEBAS 270 DW GEBAS 300 DW GEBAS 325 DW GEBAS 350 DW GEBAS 400 DW GEBAS 420 DW GEBAS 450 DW GEBAS 500 DW GEBAS 550 DW GEBAS 650 DW GEBAS 680 DW GEBAS 760 DW Fuel tank capacity [l] Overall dimensions Lxwxh [mm] Dry weight open-frame / canopied [kg] 4 / in-line...

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MOBILE CANOPIED gensets The mobile soundproof canopied GEBAS series gensets are designed to operate in the harshest weather conditions and correspond to the EEC 89/389 standard requirements regarding person and animal protection, as well as EEC 84/536 standard requirements regarding noise level. The canopy is made from electrostatic spray-painted steel sheet, which reduces the corrosive action of atmospheric and surrounding environmental agents. The inside canopy walls are insulated with soundproof expanded material that can withstand ambient temperatures between -40 and 120°C. The electric cables...

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