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Catalogue excerpts

UMEB gensets are the modern way to ensure a continuous supply of power to any objective, regardless of time, place or weather. A genset is made up of an electrical generator driven by an internal combustion engine, the whole set being protected by a soundproof canopy (enclosure). Complete measurement and protection functions, as well as power distribution are ensured via a specially designed electrical panel. The internal combustion engine It provides the mechanical energy needed to drive the synchronous electrical generator. Special purpose Diesel engines running at constant speed (1500 rpm)...

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JOHN DEERE The engine and generator are coupled together by means of standardized SAE coupling system and are mounted on the metal base-frame of the genset by the use of special rubber dampers designed to absorb most of the vibrations produced during the genset's operation.

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Three-phase genset classification As a supplier of integrated and personalized power supply solutions, UMEB can provide a wide variety of gensets, with different operating modes and builds. $t Operating mode - wise, gensets are divided into two categories: O with automatic operation - they monitor the mains parameters and they start-up automatically upon power outage, take over the load (ensuring the required power), they retransfer the load back to mains when the power outage is over and then they stop. © with manual operation - they are handled by a human operator: genset start-up, load take-over...

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JOHN DEERE ^JjP Construction form - wise, gensets can be divided into two categories: O soundproof canopied - designed for outdoor use. - the canopy protects the genset from the elements and reduces the noise level produced by the genset during Q container type gensets - the genset is placed inside © open-type - the engine-generator set and electrical panel are not protected by the soundproof canopy as these gensets are intended to be installed indoors.

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JOHM^E EFIAI IVECO Mobility-wise, the gensets are divided into 4 categories: O stationary type - they are placed in a well defined location and shall not be moved after commissioning (they supply a building or a production facility, and so on). © mobile/towable type - they can be towed on public roads by means of a suitable vehicle, delivering power to an objective / a location where the mains is unavailable. © self-propelled type - they are mounted on trucks and they can also be unloaded if necessary on the location that needs power. © portable type - gensets of very low output, fitted in a steel...

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JOHN DEERE gg Perkins VOLVO IMMIJUH rf^T c ^MBA™,N, 1 As far as the fuel used by the engine is concerned, the gensets care be: O Diesel powered - they are powered by compression-ignition engines (Diesel engines). Q gasoline powered - they are powered by spark-ignition engine (petrol engines). © natural gas powered - they are powered by spark-ignition engines running on natural gas. Engine cooling type - wise, the gensets can be divided into two categories O water-cooled engine - the cooling agent is a mix of water and antifreeze solution; the cooling is done by the engine's radiator and cooling...

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JOHN DEERE Soundproof canopied gensets The vast majority of gensets are placed outdoors. In order to protect the engine-generator set, the electrical panel and the metal base-frame from the weather elements and unauthorized access, as well as for noise reduction reasons, the genset is placed in a purpose-built enclosure - the so-called soundproof canopy. The canopy is made from electrostatic spray-painted steel sheet, which greatly reduces the impact of weather factors; the inside of the canopy is covered with fire-retardant soundproof material. The soundproof canopy is actually made up of two...

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Open-type gensets forklift pockets lifting holes rubber dampers holes for the lifting bracket

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The automatic control panels that equip UMEB's gensets are manufactured according to the most recent standards' specifications. The standard "dual type" control panel in made up of two enclosures: the command and control panel (fitted on the genset's skid, which is visible through the polycarbonate window of one of the canopy's doors) and the change-over panel (which is placed near the main utility enclosure). The command and control panel (the TCGE) In certain cases, it's necessary that the elements of both panels be fitted in the same enclosure (the so- called "normal type" panel): battery charger auxiliary...

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The automatic control panels ensure the following standard functions: 4.1. THE "AUTOMATIC" MODE OF OPERATION: ❑ Mains failure detection (by continuously monitoring the mains electrical parameters); ❑ Automatic genset start-up in the event of mains failure (abnormal voltage value on one, two or on all three phases and/or incorrect frequency value); ❑ Load change-over from mains to genset; ❑ Validating the mains parameters upon its return; ❑ Load change-over from genset to mains (if the mains parameters are within normal values); ❑ Automatic genset stop (after engine cooling is over) and placing...

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JOHM^E EFIAI IVECO - Voltage frequency - mains / generator; - Power factor - generator; - Fuel level; - Engine hour counter; Mains status, genset status, mains contactor status, genset contactor status, alarm indication, maintenance request indication, 2 bar graphs for engine water temperature and engine oil pressure respectively; □ Tactile buttons with or without, status T.F.Ds with the following designations: operating mode selection , manual control of the change-over contactors/motorized circuit breakers, controller set-up operations, display scrolling, glow plugs, alarm mute; □ Digital displays...

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JOHN DEERE Standard range of GEBAS type gensets with Diesel engines

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ISUZU gSPerklrwoi Gensets with different specs and/or different ratings (including gensets above 800 and up to 1200 kVA) can also be configured upon request. Specification subject to change without notice. The information provided herein is for informational purpose only. Standard range of GEBS portable type gensets

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