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The Model 500 is a two axis, displacement style, precision fingertip or thumb joystick control which converts the operator input to analog output voltages proportional to applied displacement travel of the joystick and input voltage. Using the same patented Hall effect technology introduced by Ultra MSI in 1998 (U.S. Patent No. 5850142), these joysticks provide a high integrity precision displacement alternative to Ultra MSIs revolutionary Miniature Force Joysticks. These miniature Hall effect joystick controls are available either as stand alone devices for customer integration, installed in Ultra MSI Control Grips for a thumb-operated grip control or integrated into custom input systems and panels per customer requirements. Their small size and weight make them ideal solutions where precision control is required and joystick displacement is preferred but a larger device is not practical. ҕ Computer Graphics/Cursor Control Overall simplicity of design Օ Mapping, X-Y Inspection Table 20,000,000 Cycle Reliability Rating Օ Robotics, Medical Surgery/Cursor Small package Օ Security Cameras, Video Cameras Excellent temperature stability Օ Vehicle Control, Flight Control Programmable for null, sensitivity and temperature Օ Electric Wheelchair Hoists, Cranes, Industrial Processing Օ Low power dissipation Linear outputs with uniform force gradients in all directions Օ Panel Mount Hole Configuration: (4) @ 1.1 ԕ High EMI immunity Overall Width: 1.15Ք Dia for Grip Mount, 1.40 Dia for Panel Mount ԕ Engineered to meet most stringent environmental requirements Depth Below Panel: 1.54Ք Can be integrated into a full system Օ Height Above Panel: 0.98 ԕ Cost effective Power Requirements: 5.0 VDC @<10mA Օ Full Scale Output: 0.40 VDC to 2.9 VDC Null Repeatability: +-3% of total electrical travel Օ Knobs A variety of knobs are available including Concave Thumb, Coolie Hat Thumb and Fingertip Handles ֕ Boot Seals Operating Temp: -25C to +80C Օ Single Axis Storage Temp: -40C to +85C Օ Dual Redundant Sealing: IP67 Above Panel; IP55 Below Panel Օ Haptic Version Force Feedback ֕ Shock: 200gS RMS @ 1mSec Vibration: 2gS RMS, 20 Hz to 2,000 Hz Օ ESD Immunity: >15KV at Handle and Boot Life: 20 Million Cycles >

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Displacement Type Finger Operated Joystick
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    Օ A two axis non-contacting precision displacement fingertip operated control which has revolutionized the HMI (Human Machine Interface) Industry...
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    A two axis, precision, potentiometer-based displacement, fingertip operated control designed specifically for applications which require a precision joystick....
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    A two axis high integrity, potentiometer-based, precision displacement, fingertip operated control designed specifically for those tough applications which...
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