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Re-Cell GSM Controller - 5 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Features: • Small Size: 95x60x15mm. • Microchip PIC18F6722 controller@32MHz. • SMS/GPRS two-ways communication. • 128KB Flash for user memory application. • 32kB of EEPROM Memory. • High Current 10A@240V Relay. • On-board Temperature Sensor. • Real Time Clock. • RS232 serial communication. • GSM/GPRS Cellular Modem. • Normal and Sleep Mode operation. The Re-Cell is a high performance, programmable Cellular Single Board Controller, which offers a High Current Relay (Up to 12 Ampere) combined with GSM/GPRS connectivity in a compact form factor. The heart of the GSM controller is a Microchip PIC18F6722 operating up to 32MHz which provides fast data processing. Design your applications with an integrated BASIC, PASCAL or C compiler designed specifically for Re-Cell GSM Controller. Specification: Power Requirement Input Voltage Range 9-16 VDC Input Current,no GSM f=32Mhz 48 mA@12Vdc Input Current, GSM Transmitting 500 mA@12Vdc Input Current,no GSM, f=32khz 17 mA@12Vdc Output Characteristic Type of Output Dry contact. Number of output 1 Peak Voltage 240VAC, 60VDC Max. Switching Current 12A@120VAC 10A@240VAC 10A@28VDC Contact Resistance Max. 100m Surge Strength 2000V Operate Time Max. 10mSec. Release Time Max. 5mSec. Electrical Life 100,000 Operations, with load Application: The Re-Cell GSM/GPRS Module can be used in a wide range of applications, such as: • ON-OFF Remote Computers. • Vending Machines. • Gate Controller. • Air Conditioner Controller. Re-Cell

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Re-Cell Functions Libraries Write your source code using the highly advanced Code Editor. Use the included libraries to speed up development with the Re-Cell GSM Controller. General Commands: InitBoard; Initializes all Inputs, Outputs, Clocks frequencies, Serial Communications Etc… ClrWdt; Clears the post-scalar of the watchdog. Delay_ml; Craete a software delay in duration of milliseconds. GreenLed; Sets the Green Led on board according to value. UserSerialInit; Initializes the User Serial unit with a desired baud-rate. UserSerialRd; Receives data (byte) via the User RS232 communication. UserialSerialWr;...

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Functions Libraries Continue Code Example This Code example, illustrates how easy is to work with the Re-Cell GSM Controller. This example waits for an SMS message with a command "OPEN", the program set the relay output and turns on the green LED or with a command "CLOSE" the program resets the relay and turn OFF the green LED. void main() { unsigned char *Pmsg; InitBrd(); //Initializes the GSM Board functions. GreenLED(0); // Turn OFF the green LED. While (!CheckModem()); //Checks if the modem is connected. While (!SmsInit()); //Initializes the GSM modem for SMS. DeleteSms(1); //Delete the SMS...

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GPRS Connection In order to establish a GPRS connection with the Re-Cell C-SBC controller, the User must issue this six simple AT commands: As a result, the GSM Module will establish a connection with the Remote Server and Data can be exchange with the HTTP server program on the remote host machine. GPRS Connection Diagram • AT+CGDCONT=1,"IP","internet","",0,0 • AT+USERID="UControl Solutions" • AT+PASSW="Re-Cell SBC" • AT+SKTSET=0,"80","",0 • AT+SKTSAV • AT+SKTOP

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Re-Cell GSM Controller Block Diagram: UControl Solutions, Israel Tel: +972-54-5951511 www.u-controls.com ucontrol@u-controls.com

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