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Pix-Cell GSM Controller - 5 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

The Pix-Cell is a high performance, programmable Cellular Single Board Controller, that offers built-in digital and analog I/O combined with GSM/GPRS connectivity in a compact form factor. The heart of the GSM controller is a Microchip PIC18F6722 operating up to 32MHz which provides fast data processing. Design your applications with an integrated BASIC, PASCAL or C compiler designed specifically for Pix-Cell GSM Controller. 128KB Flash for user memory application. 3 Protected Digital Inputs. SPDT Relay Output. GSM/GPRS Cellular Modem. Normal and Sleep Mode operation. Specification: Power Requirement Input Voltage Range Input Current,no GSM f=32Mhz Input Current, GSM Transmitting Input Current,no GSM, f=32khz Inputs Characteristic Number of inputs Input impedance Input voltage "ON" level range Input Voltage Surge protection Analog Characteristic The Pix-Cell GSM/GPRS Module can be used in a wide range of applications, such as: Input Range Alarm Systems. Vending Machines. Lightning Control. Pumping Station. Conversion Time Output Characteristic Dry contact. 1 50Vdc@0.5A

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Pix-Cell Functions Libraries Write your source code using the highly advanced Code Editor. Use the included libraries to speed up development with the Pix-Cell GSM Controller. General Commands: InitBoard; Initializes all Inputs, Outputs, Clocks frequencies, Serial Communications Etc… Clears the post-scalar of the watchdog. Craete a software delay in duration of milliseconds. Sets the Green Led on board according to value. Initializes the User Serial unit with a desired baud-rate. Receives data (byte) via the User RS232 communication. Transmit data (byte) via the User RS232 communication. Inputs...

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Functions Libraries Continue Send AT Commands to control the Cellular Module. Receives Data from the Cellular module into an array. Initialize the Cellular modem to accept SMS data. Delete SMS messages from module memory. Code Example This Code example, illustrates how easy is to work with the Pix-Cell GSM Controller. This example waits for a logical pulse signal on Input Number 1. After it's receives, the Green LED is turn ON and an SMS Message is send to a Mobile Phone. void main() { unsigned char phone_num[]="+972520000000",msg[]="Alarm is ON"; InitBrd(); // Initialize the PixCell GSM Board...

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GPRS Connection In order to establish a GPRS connection with the Pix-Cell C-SBC controller, the User must issue this six simple AT commands: AT+USERID="UControl Solutions" As a result, the GSM Module will establish a connection with the Remote Server and Data can be exchange with the HTTP server program on the remote host machine. GPRS Connection Diagram

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Pix-Cell GSM Controller Block Diagram Cellular Modem + Real Time Clock Watch-Dog Controller On-board Temperature Sensor

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