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Net-Bee ZigBee Controller - 3 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Features: • Small Size: 52x33x15mm. • Microchip PIC18F26K20 controller@64MHz. • 64KB Flash of User Memory Applications. • 2.4 GHz ZigBee RF Modules. • Free space range up to - 300m • Internal antenna. • 3 Protected Digital Inputs (±100v Surges). • 3 channels, 10-bit A/D Inputs. • SPDT Relay Output. • Battery Operation - 20A in Sleep Mode. • Wake-Up on External triggers. • Normal and Sleep Mode operation. • Up to 65000 nodes on a Network. Net-Bee is a simple, but powerful controller for home or industrial wireless applications. The Net- Bee controller gives designers 2.4GHz ZigBee connectivity in a low-cost, high-performance singleboard, rich with Digital and Analog I/O's, large data memory that designers need for embedded control and monitoring applications. Design your applications with an easy to use integrated C compiler designed specifically for Net-Bee Wireless Controller. Use the included Libraries to speed up your development. Specification: Power Requirement Input Voltage Range 6-16 VDC Input Current, ZigBee Off@32kHz 20 uA@12Vdc Input Current, Zigbee Transmitting 65 mA@12Vdc Inputs Characteristic Number of inputs 3 Number of commons 3 Input impedance 6.6KOhm Input voltage "ON" level 2.5 – 40 Vdc Surge protection ±100 V Analog Characteristic Number of channels 3 Input Range 0-5 Vdc or 4-20mA: on input 3 Resolution 10-bit Conversion Time 6 ìS Output Characteristic Type of Output Dry contact. Rating 40Vdc@0.5A Net-Bee

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J1 Pin Description: Output Relay Connector

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UControl Solutions, Israel Tel: +972-54-5951511 www.u-controls.com ucontrol@u-controls.com ZigBee protocol: The ZigBee™ protocol is a wireless network protocol specifically designed for low data rate sensors and control networks. There are a number of applications that can benefit from the ZigBee protocol including, but not limited to: • Building Automation Networks, • Home security systems, • Industrial control networks, • Remote metering. When compared against other wireless protocols, the ZigBee wireless protocol offers low complexity, reduced resource requirements and, most importantly, a...

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