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Net-bee MiWi RF Controller - 3 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Net-Bee MiWi™ Net-Bee MiWi™ is a simple, but powerful controller for home or industrial wireless applications. The Net-Bee MiWi™ controller gives designers 2.4GHz 802.15.4 transceiver connectivity in a low-cost, high-performance single-board, rich with Digital and Analog I/O's. The MiWi™ Wireless Networking Protocol is a simple protocol designed for low data rate, short distance, and low-cost networks. Design your applications with an easy to use integrated C compiler designed specifically for NetBee Wireless Controller. Use the included Libraries to speed up your development. Power Requirement Input Voltage Range 16KB Flash of User Memory Applications. Inputs Characteristic Free space range: Net-Bee MiWi - 300m Internal antenna for Net-Bee MiWi. 3 Protected Digital Inputs (±250v Surges). SPDT Relay Output. Battery Operation - 20µA in Sleep Mode. Wake-Up on External triggers. Internal Timer for Wake-Up. Normal and Sleep Mode operation. Output Characteristic Included libraries for easy implementation. Input Current, RF Transmitting Input impedance Input voltage "ON" level Surge protection Analog Characteristic Number of channels Input Range Resolution Conversion Time

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UControl Solutions What is Microchip MiWi™ protocol: The MiWi™ Wireless Networking Protocol is a simple protocol designed for low data rate, short distance, low-cost networks. Fundamentally based on IEEE 802.15.4™ for wireless personal area networks (WPANs), the MiWi protocol provides an easy-to-use alternative for wireless communication like ZigBee. A network using the MiWi™ protocol is capable of having a maximum of 1024 nodes on a network. Each coordinator is capable of having 127 children, with a maximum of 8 coordinators in a network. Packets can travel a maximum of 4 hops in the network...

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Input 1 Input 3 4‐20mA Jumper Common Power (+) Input 2 Common 4‐20mA Jumper Common Power (‐) Net-Bee MiWi Applications: • Sensor Monitors, Diagnostics, Dispensing Security, Lighting, HVAC, Access and Closures Monitoring, Sensors, Controls Security, Lighting, Appliance Control, HVAC Remote Monitoring, Remote Meter Reading UControl Solutions, Israel Tel: +972-52-4006068 www.U-Controls.com UControl@U-Controls.com

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