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SFC Series Separation of industrial dust and smoke - 12 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

C l e a n A i r. I t ‘s w h a t w e d o . Separation of industrial dust and smoke ProTura® – Nanofiber cartridges a new dimension in filter technology

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Clean air is important for your health Many industrial manufacturing processes emit pollutants that are released into the surrounding air. Like aerosols, these pollutants in the form of smoke and dust affect the health of your employees, the machines and production facilities you use as well as the quality of your products. Below a diameter of 2.5 µm, in particular, the protective mechanisms of the human respiratory tract are incapable to secrete these particles. When exposed to hazardous substances, this can quickly lead to chronic respiratory tract or cardiovascular diseases. Based on our products...

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A new dimension in filter technology Our filter cartridges guarantee high separation efficiency and long service life, thus offering you high cost savings during the product’s life cycle. Thanks to the many different filter media and the support of our dust laboratory in Dresden, we can always offer you a tailor-made filter solution – even for eliminating carcinogenic and poisonous hazardous substances. The nanofiber technology The nanofibers in the UAS filter cartridges have a diameter of 70 - 150 nm (about 1/1000 of a human hair). They are stretched over the filter substrate like a fine-meshed...

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The schematic structure of the SFC series From above, the dust-loaded air flows perpendicularly through distribution metal sheets to the filter – specifically, to the horizontally arranged filter cartridges. The filter cartridges effectively remove the dust or smoke from the air and clean air flows out of the filter’s clean air side. The pollutants remain within the filter, are collected in the dust drum and can be easily disposed of by the equipment operator. So that the filter cartridges can boast a long service life even with high dust concentrations, they are automatically cleaned by an integrated...

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We offer turnkey filter systems on request CONSISTING OF: • Ventilators • Controls • Piping and duct installation • Exhaust elements and hoods • Pre-filters — baffle plate separators and cyclones • After filters — HEPA, active carbon • Installation • Commissioning • Emission measurements • Service Optional • Sound insulation packages • Rotary valves • Spark protection • Fire and explosion protection More options and accessories are available. Please ask us.

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Advantages of the cartridge filter Modular design principle High flexibility owing to the system’s construction. Robust design The massive supporting frame construction resists wind speeds of up to 160 km/h and maximum earthquake magnitudes of 4. Powder-coated The powder-coating (phosphated) allows a corrosion-free long operation – even if the filter is placed outdoors. Self-cleaning through pulse-cleaning The patented interplay between membrane valves and Venturi nozzles ensures automatic dust removal from the filter cartridges while the system is operating. This removal, controlled by time or...

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Reference installations for plasma cutting table, here with pre-separator (cyclone) for welding smoke and grinding dust

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Profi-140 Used for dry dust, chips, granulates, fibers, powder, etc. The advantages of PROFI-140 in practice: • The device is delivered ready for connection in RAL 7035 with 5-m-long cord and plug • Robust and easy to maintain • The easy handling of the PROFI-140 and its high reliability guarantee a long service life • The Category M filter cartridge can be cleaned by hand • Minimum volume flow monitoring with a differential pressure switch • Large, movable 192-L container • 100% air re-circulation in the working area possible • Optional: H13 particulate filter for hazardous substances available...

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Profi-140 Used for dry dust, chips, granulates, fibers, powder, etc. Technical Data Motor power (continuous operation S1) Current consumption Filter area Filter cleaning Dimensions : length x width x height Sound pressure level measured acc. to EN ISO 374 4 Volume dust/chip container PROFI-140: The optional industrial extractor can be directly fastened Suction arm(s) Dust bags available for low-contamination emptying of the collecting bin

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Standard I und Standard II Used for dry dust, chips, granulates, smoke, fibers, powder, etc. The advantages of the Standard series in practice: • The device is delivered ready for connection in RAL 7035 • Continuous operation possible through robust and high-performance medium-pressurefans • Suitable for exhausting one or several places • Main filter: Filter cartridge with 12 m2 made of Category M polyester manufactured by United Air Specialists • Automatic JET pulse, time-controlled exhausting • The lifting and lowering mechanism facilitates the replacement of the dust/ chip container Front view...

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Standard I und Standard II Used for dry dust, chips, granulates, smoke, fibers, powder, etc. Technical data Motor Power (continuous operation S1) Current consumption Number of filter cartridge (s) (Type: Category M polyester) Filter area Filter cleaning through JET cleaning (compressed air) Dimensions : length x width x height * Sound pressure level, measured acc. to EN ISO 374 4 Volume dust/chip container Pressure container with 2 solenoid valves for the STANDARD II Silencer STANDARD I: Customized Standard I for graphite dust

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System solutions and service for environmental protection Environmental protection requirements grow with increasing worldwide industrialization. Air, water and soil pollution as well as the constant consumption of raw materials demand optimal technical and economical processes. The high service quality and a worldwide network of branches and agents are another essential component of the UAS Inc. corporate philosophy. UAS supports you as competent partner – worldwide. Everything from one single source. Take advantage of our consulting services: After a full analysis, we plan a filter system especially...

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