Push-Fit Fitting System FitSys18 and Compact Valves 18.00x - 6 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Solenoid Valves Control Valves Special Valves and Systems Push-Frit Fritting System Highly flexible, modular fitting and valve system made from plastics for creating customized fluid paths.

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FitSys 18, the push-fit fitting system for conveying, distributing, and shut-off of fluids High temperature resistance: Fluid up to 98 °C / 16 bar; saturated steam up to 143 °C / 3 bar Assembled without tools Any combination of connector types feasible Fittings available with reduced internal bores Functional components such as control and pressure relief valves Two- or three-way connectors for designing multi-valve units NSF- and UL-approved variants available Food technology e.g. manifold systems in drink or espresso dispensers Pharmaceutical technology Laboratory and analytical equipment Medical...

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Direct acting solenoid valves, series 18.00x Compact design Longterm performance capability Easy to assemble and service Coil change without opening of medium circuit Suitable for food and hot water Three in- and outlet port variants are combinable Combining with compact valves 18.00x to create valve manifolds

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Possible base bodies Hose stem connection ID Ø 6 mm (0.236 inch) Push-fit stem Ø 4 mm (0.158 inch) (Counterpart of type G) Push-fit stem Ø 6 mm (0.236 inch) (Counterpart of type F) Straight passage with reduced orifice possible Ø 0.5 - 4 mm (Ø 0.02 - 0.158 inch) Push-fit connection Ø 6 mm (0.236 inch) (Counterpart of type C) Clamp connection Ø 6 mm (0.236 inch) Straight passage Ø 4 mm (0.0158 inch) Push-fit connection Ø 4 mm(0.158 inch) (Counterpart of type B) L-Fitting body with reduced orifice possible Ø 1.5 - 4 mm (Ø 0.06 - 0.158 inch) Thread connection G 1/8 (Thread insert made of stainless...

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T-F.C.F T-G.C.G T-F.F.F T-G.G.G Y-F.F.F Y-F.G.G Y-F.F.G Y-G.G.G Detailed datasheets available at www.akmueller.de.

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Solenoid Valves Control Valves Special Valves and Systems Unit 4, Brookside Business Park Brookside Avenue E-Mail: valves@akmuller.co.uk Internet: www.akmuller.co.uk F-77600 Bussy Saint Martin Possible product certifications available on request

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