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Product Information Servo-controlled solenoid valve NC, DN 25 Characteristics servo-controlled normally closed (NC) solenoid replaceable while medium circuit remains untouched, solenoid rotatable 4x90° lockable manual actuation flow limitation by adjustable stroke of membrane female metal thread similar hydraulic performance for AC or DC types optimized water hammer and noise emission according to EN 60730 long term performance capability Description 14.025.126 series water inlet valves are 2/2-way solenoid valves with an orifice size of 25 mm. They have been developed to control potable water and physically and chemically similar media. They are servo-controlled and normally closed (NC). high operating safety by the use of high quality materials and 100% final testing of the products rain water utilisation air conditioning agricultural implements irrigation / gardening pollution equipment temperature equalisers water treatment swimming pool filling Valves of this design are single chamber straight through valves and can be manufactured with various connections equipped with metal female threads. Coil systems for common voltage and frequency ranges are available. typical performance curve p / psi 0 Electrical operating safety is achieved by insulation class F and can be supported by an integrated protective circuit. By using high quality insulation materials, continuous operation (duty cycle 100 %) is possible. Protection against corrosion of inner parts exposed to the medium is achieved by using stainless steel. p / bar © copyright A.u.K. Müller, technical changes reserved

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Product Information Servo-controlled solenoid valve NC, DN 25 Technical Data Type 2/2-way single chamber straight valve, servo-controlled Fitting position any, preferably with coil upwards solenoid valve cold and heated potable water and physically and chemically similar media process water cooling water Flow regulator adjustable stroke of membrane Pressure surge Coil type 1) Fixing possibility for self tapping screw Ø 4,2 2) Flow limitation by adjustable stroke of membrane (option - available without flow adjustment) 3) Lockable manual actuation (shown in closed position) other voltages on request...

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Product Information Servo-controlled solenoid valve NC, DN 25 including flow rate limitation without flow rate limitation The flow rate can be limited by turning the slotted screw in the valves cover cone. - turning the screw clockwise lowers the flow rate + turning the screw anti-clockwise increases the flow rate The adjusting screw can only be moved between predefined upper and lower positions and can not be removed. It should only be adjusted with care and without exerting any force at these upper and lower limits. It is not designed to be a manual shut-off for the valve. Usually the adjusting...

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Product Information Servo-controlled solenoid valve NC, DN 25 manual control position: closed manual control position: open manual control lever Using the control lever the valve can be opened manually. This could be used if the equipment has to be filled before power-up or to continue flow in the event of a power failure. A The lever is usually set to the closed position by default. Turning the lever clockwise to a vertical position opens the valve without powering the solenoid. The valve is now open. Energising or de-energising the solenoid has no further effect. Turning the lever anti-clockwise...

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