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Catalogue excerpts

TOBY-L2 series LTE/DC-HSPA+/EGPRS modules Data Sheet Abstract Technical data sheet describing TOBY-L2 series multi-mode cellular modules. The modules are a complete and cost efficient LTE/3G/2G multi-mode solution offering up to 150 Mb/s download data rate and up to 50 Mb/s upload data rate, covering up to six LTE bands, up to five WCDMA/DC-HSPA+ bands and up to four GSM/EGPRS bands in the compact TOBY form factor.

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TOBY-L2 series - Data Sheet Document Information Title LTE/DC-HSPA+/EGPRS modules Document type Data Sheet Document number Document status Production Information Document status explanation Objective Specification Document contains target values. Revised and supplementary data will be published later. Advance Information Document contains data based on early testing. Revised and supplementary data will be published later. Early Production Information Document contains data from product verification. Revised and supplementary data may be published later. Production Information Document contains...

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TOBY-L2 series - Data Sheet Production Information

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TOBY-L2 series - Data Sheet Production Information

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TOBY-L2 series - Data Sheet 1 Functional description 1.1 Overview The TOBY-L2 series comprises LTE/3G/2G multi-mode modules in the very small LGA form-factor (35.6 x 24.8 mm) that are easy to integrate in compact designs. TOBY-L2 series modules support up to six LTE bands, five UMTS/DC-HSPA+ bands and four GSM/(E)GPRS bands for voice and/or data transmission. TOBY-L2 series modules are form-factor compatible with the other popular u-blox cellular module families: this allows customers to take the maximum advantage of their hardware and software investments, and provides very short time-to-market....

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TOBY-L2 series - Data Sheet 1.3 Block diagram Duplexer Memory Cellular Base-band Processor USB GPIO Digital audio (I2S) Host Select Power On Power Management Unit External Reset Figure 1: TOBY-L2 series block diagram TOBY-L200-00S and TOBY-L210-00S modules, i.e. the “00” product versions, do not support the following interfaces, which should be left unconnected and should not be driven by external devices: o VBUS USB detect (VUSB_DET) o UART interface o SDIO interface o DDC (I2C) interface o I2S digital audio interface o Antenna detection (ANT_DET) o Host Select functions o General Purpose Inputs...

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TOBY-L2 series - Data Sheet 1.4 Product description TOBY-L2 series modules provide 4G LTE, 3G WCDMA/DC-HSPA+, 2G GSM/(E)GPRS multi-mode technology:  TOBY-L200 and TOBY-L201 are mainly designed for operation in America TOBY-L210 is mainly designed for operation in Europe, Asia and other countries TOBY-L220 is mainly designed for operation in Japan TOBY-L280 is mainly designed for operation in south-east Asia and Oceania 3GPP Release 9 Long Term Evolution (LTE) Evolved Uni.Terrestrial Radio Access (E-UTRA) Frequency Division Duplex (FDD) DL Multi-Input Multi-Output (MIMO) 2 x 2 3GPP Release 8 Dual-Cell...

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TOBY-L2 series - Data Sheet LTE Power Class  Power Class 3 (23 dBm) for LTE mode WCDMA/HSDPA/HSUPA Power Class  Power Class 3 (24 dBm) for UMTS/HSDPA/HSUPA mode GSM/GPRS (GMSK) Power Class  Power Class 4 (33 dBm) for GSM/E-GSM bands  Power Class 1 (30 dBm) for DCS/PCS bands EDGE (8-PSK) Power Class  Power Class E2 (27 dBm) for GSM/E-GSM bands  Power Class E2 (26 dBm) for DCS/PCS bands Data rate  LTE category 4: up to 150 Mb/s DL, 50 Mb/s UL Data Rate  TOBY-L200 and TOBY-L201: 2  HSDPA cat.14, up to 21 Mb/s DL  HSUPA cat.6, up to 5.6 Mb/s UL  TOBY-L210, TOBY-L220 and TOBY-L280:  HSDPA...

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TOBY-L2 series - Data Sheet 1.6 Supported features Table 3 lists some of the main features supported by TOBY-L2 modules. For more details see TOBY-L2 / MPCI-L2 series System Integration Manual [2] and u-blox AT Commands Manual [1]. Feature Network Indication GPIO configured to indicate the network status: registered home network, registered roaming, voice or data call enabled, no service. The feature can be enabled through the +UGPIOC AT command. Antenna Detection Jamming Detection The ANT_DET pin provides antenna presence detection capability, evaluating the resistance from ANT1 and ANT2 pins...

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TOBY-L2 series - Data Sheet Full access to u-blox short range communication Wi-Fi modules is available through a dedicated SDIO interface. This means that from any host processor a single serial port can control the cellular module and the short range communication module. All the management software for the Wi-Fi module operations runs inside the cellular module in addition to those required for cellular-only operation: Wi-Fi driver, Web User Interface (WebUI), Connection Config Manager, Wi-Fi regional regulatory domains block feature. For more details see the Wi-Fi / Cellular Integration Application...

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TOBY-L2 series - Data Sheet 2 Interfaces 2.1 Power management 2.1.1 Module supply input (VCC) TOBY-L2 series modules must be supplied through the VCC pins by a DC power supply. Voltage must be stable, because during operation the current drawn from VCC can vary significantly, based on the power consumption profile of the LTE/3G/2G technologies (described in the TOBY-L2 / MPCI-L2 series System Integration Manual [2]). 2.1.2 RTC supply input / output (V_BCKP) When VCC voltage is within the valid operating range, the internal Power Management Unit (PMU) supplies the Real Time Clock (RTC) and the...

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TOBY-L2 series - Data Sheet Low level on the RESET_N pin, which is normally set high by an internal pull-up, for a valid time period when the applied VCC voltage is within the valid operating range (see section 4.2.9). The RESET_N line should be driven by open drain, open collector or contact switch. RTC alarm, i.e. pre-programmed scheduled time by AT+CALA command 2.3.2 Module power-off TOBY-L2 series can be properly switched off by:  AT+CPWROFF command (see the u-blox AT Commands Manual [1]). The current parameter settings are saved in the module’s non-volatile memory and a proper network detach...

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