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Catalogue excerpts

u-blox Product Catalog 18 Wireless & Positioning Solutions locate, communicate, accelerate

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Thomas Seiler – CEO u-blox Dear readers, The Internet of Things (IoT) is expanding at a dizzying pace. This market depends on wireless connectivity via satellite positioning, short range radio and cellular technologies – our core competencies. At u-blox, we focus on The Internet of Things that Really Matter: on bringing to life solutions that will concretely benefit connected cities, connected industries and connected vehicles alike. While IoT connectivity opens a wealth of possibilities, it also raises mobile users’ expectations for enhanced connected experiences. This is particularly clear in...

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Contents 4 Company 4 u-blox at a glance 7 Focus: Internet of Things and V2X 8 Focus: Solutions 10 Quality 11 Product design 12 u-blox quality system 14 Zero defect policy Supply reliability 15 16 Markets and application sectors 17 Automotive Industrial 18 Consumer 19 Products SHORT RANGE Overview Position and Time chips Standard precision positioning chips Dead Reckoning positioning chips Time and frequency chips Overview Cellular 23 2G: GSM/GPRS 24 3G: UMTS/HSPA(+) and CDMA 26 4G: LTE 32 Overview Short Range Radio modules 45 46 Stand-alone: Multiradio and Bluetooth 54 Host-based: Multiradio and...

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Company u-blox at a glance Swiss-based u-blox (SIX:UBXN) is a leading provider of wireless and positioning semiconductors and modules for the automotive, industrial and consumer markets. Our solutions enable people, vehicles and machines to locate their exact position and wirelessly communicate via voice, text or video. With a broad portfolio of chips, modules and services, u-blox solutions allow OEMs to quickly and cost-effectively develop innovative solutions. Global presence Our direct presence in 19 countries ensures that we can react quickly to changing customer demands. It also puts us in...

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u-blox strategy and values Strategy At the core of our strategy is our commitment to technology and innovation. We design rugged, business critical solutions to meet our customers’ needs for long term 24/7 reliability. By focusing on research and development, and outsourcing production to only the very best suppliers, we can offer the quality and innovation that in turn help our customers to improve their productivity, respond more quickly to their own customers’ needs and expand their operations. The unmatched quality and reliability of our products helps us to acquire and retain customers while...

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Product grades u-blox delivers products in three distinct product grades optimized for the specific needs of our customers: Standard Grade Professional Grade Automotive Grade Tolerance to environmental conditions Designed and tested for consumer environment Designed and tested for industrial environment Designed and tested for automotive environment Operating temperature Product qualification Process levels for design manufacturing and testing Standard grade, plus: Professional grade, plus: • product traceability 100% Automatic X-Ray • • • PCN process Inspection (AXI) and • Automatic Optical Inspection...

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Focus: Internet of Things and V2X u-blox IoT connectivity vision Our vision is to be the leading, industry-quality, supplier of communications and positioning components in the “Internet of Things that Really Matter”. We focus on business critical applications for which our customers need our products to perform 24/7 with exceptional reliability and to handle exceptions in a way that minimizes disruption to the overall system. There are three main application areas in which IoT plays a major role. All of our product areas are imperative to successful IoT solutions in all of these areas. Connected...

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Focus: Solutions To stay competitive in a challenging market place, product developers continuously strive to reduce time to market, increase system integration and deliver enhanced product features. We deliver business advantage to our customers by offering system-level demonstration solutions that incorporate several u-blox components and related software. This utilizes synergies only available when using multiple u-blox products together. Further, it brings reduced risk, faster time to market, and increased system integration to our customers. As examples, eCall needs both u-blox cellular and...

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The ideal solution for gateways and routers will contain an LTE Cat4+ module with a Wi-Fi module and will include as key features: LTE Cat4+ US, EMEA & APAC SKUs, 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, 2.4GHz and 5GHz options, and RF co-existence between LTE and Wi-Fi. Consumer Solutions Mobile routers (Mi-Fi) and LTE access points Increasingly, personal devices need access to the cloud wherever and whenever the user is located. The market for personal hotspots (so-called Mi-Fi devices) continues to grow, as do other examples of local internet connectivity, including cloud connected alarm panels and smart home or...

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Product design A defining difference between u-blox and its close competitors lies in the company’s core competency: u-blox is a cutting-edge semiconductor company with in-house IC design, test and quality operations. Many module vendors focus on packaging 3rd party chips into a module form factor, with no IC design know-how, or in-house control over the software stack. This fundamental difference means u-blox is in full control of its own product roadmap, features, quality and costs because we integrate our IP into our chips, including the software stack. u-blox’s sophisticated design flow adheres...

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u-blox quality system u-blox has earned an industry-wide reputation as a best-in-class vendor of high-quality, reliable integrated circuits (ICs) and modules for the Automotive, Industrial and Consumer markets. We have achieved this distinction through a systematic, multi-pronged approach that emphasizes quality at every phase of our product’s life cycle. This encompasses product development, prototyping, qualification, manufacturing and delivery. u-blox quality philosophy is supported by five main pillars: • Understand and fulfill our customers’ needs We strive to understand our customers’ evolving...

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