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Standard Precision GNSS and Dead Reckoning modules ADR = Automotive Dead Reckoning UDR = Untethered Dead Reckoning E = External Flash required R = Galileo ready Built-in antenna supply and supervisor = Optional, or requires external components  = Yes, but with a higher backup current  Built-in sensor Number of Concurrent GNSS Dead Reckoning Data logging CAM-M8 series GNSS antenna modules 9.6 x14.0 x1.95 mm Programmable (Flash)

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High Precision GNSS and Timing modules Data logging Frequency output Base station with survey-in Number of Concurrent GNSS D = Utility and development use only + = ultra-high precision at cm-level Carrier phase output Programmable (Flash) Dead Reckoning High Precision GNSS Standard Precision GNSS NEO series GNSS modules 12.2x16.0 x2.4

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