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FIRE PROTECTION General Products Catalog - 9 / 88 Pages

AUTOMATIC SPRINKLERS STANDARD SPRAY SPRINKLERS TYFRB Horizontal,RecessedHorizontalSidewall&VerticalSidewall  Light hazard/Ordirary hazard * facto*___K^*Wգ>_  3 mm bulb iHREADSitt W NPT___ Օ Designed for use in applications where escutcheonStyle 10 Style 20 aesthetics must beconsidered or where "e^՛tcheonfinishV^KeCoate<l Chrome building construction makes the installation Plated, Brass Plated of standard pendent or upright sprinklers ^nklrh ,mPract,cal Plated. White Polyester Õ Vertical sidewall sprinkler can be installed in Lead Coated either the pendent or upright position along jy'^331.TYiil a wall or the side of a beam and just belowa tcmqota---TFPϏ76---- smooth ceilinq --------- RFII "ROYAL FLUSH II PendentConcealed  Light hazard/Ordinary hazard Օ 5 mm bulb (standard) 3 mm bulb (quick)  Concealed in an enctosed escutcheon plate with flat cover for use in those applications where aesthetics is a primary considթration  Separable, two-piece design of the mounting cup and cover plate allows installation of the sprinklers and pressure testing of the fire protection System priorto installation of a suspended ceiling or application of the finish coating toa fixed ceilinq K FACTO R TURF AD SI7F K=5.6(80,6) SPRINKLER FINISH Cover Plate: Chrome Plated. Natural 8rass Plated White Polyester Painted, Custom TY3551,TY3531 TFP18I VN TՏCH DATA  Intemallythreadedclosurewith Va" (12,7 mm) of adjustment Օ Available wrthoptionaldust and air seal Upright,Pendent&RecessedPendent Ail hazards Solder type Discharges a hemispherical water spray pattem in the area beneath the sprinkler tFACTOfl K=5.6(80,6)»K=8.0 (115,2)_ THREAOSIZt___W NPT W NPT ESCUTCHEON_Style 20 Օ Style 30_ ESCUTCHEON FINISH White Coated, Chrome Plated Brass Plated SPRINKLER finish Natural Brass, Chrome Plated Lead Coated, Wa* Coated. Wax over Lead Coated < StN TY3111.TY3211, TY4111 TY4211. T Y4811, TY4911 TFP110 on TEC M DATA AWfts pJ*r to m* tO&Xtt ǎKhftKt fXift? $f**tfa a <omp&*n黣^<^<rf<&itinQ&^AsG*tm\atT*rQe'.\Qr\ pcOTXtfta*vtaraienan hifrufO௻rt, catton f7&r.mnca ci^Mt*^. a^ioui i tnVmo warrant TYCO FIRE & BUILDING PRODUCTS F RE PROTECTION Geno-a Products CatalOO

FIRE PROTECTION General Products Catalog
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    STANDARD SPRAY SPRINKLERS 8158895 t\P PLIC StandardSpraySprinklersarecomprisedoftwo responses: standard and quick. Together they offer a wide range of...
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    AUTOMATIC SPR STANDARD SPRAY SPRINKLERS Upright, Pendent & Recessed Pendent » Allhazard ► 5 mm bulb Discharges a hemispherical water...
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    AUTOMATIC SPRINKLERS STANDARD SPRAY SPRINKLERS K FACTOR Light hazard / Ordinary hazard Solder type  Suited for hotels, nursing homes and hospitals...
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    EXTENDED COVERAGE SPRINKLERS «=2^2(362^9)_ MNPTorik>7-R k facto r thwao si7 Natural Brass TY9128 TFP213 sprinki fr finish BN_ TECH DATA...
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    AUTOMATICSPRINKLERS EXTENDED COVERAGE SPRINKLERS Pendent & Recessed Pendent  Light hazard Օ 3 mm bulb  Covers areasas large as...
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    AUTOMATIC SPRINKLERS EXTENDED CQVERAGE SPRINKLERS TY-FRB Horizontal & Recessed Horizontal Sidewall  Light hazard Օ 3 mm bulb  Two-piece...
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