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Double Door Your Sterilization & Infection Control Partners

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Pass-Through Autoclaves for Separate Areas Advanced Laboratory Autoclaves Tuttnauer laboratory autoclaves have been designed to provide high quality repeatable performance and accountability for a wide range of applications used in modern laboratories, which include: • Liquid sterilization (using two flexible PT100 probes) with various cooling options • Tips and Glass sterilization • Instrument sterilization (wrapped or unwrapped) • Biohazard and Waste sterilization • Agar preparation • Specialized customized cycles Experience since 1925 For over 90 years Tuttnauer, as a family-owned...

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Double Door Laboratory Autoclave 7" Touch screen on both sides Full color display in multiple languages Built-In Printer Documents detailed history of each cycle USB Data Connection Save cycle data files on your PC with no additional software or specialized hardware. Pressure Gauges Chamber & Steam Generator Pressure 316L Stainless Steel Chamber Corrosion resistant chamber Automatic Locking Doors Doors locked and released automatically with electric-motor system Coiled Jacket Keeps the chamber warm during cycles and supports cooling Built-in 9kW Steam Generator Fast heat-up for efficient...

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Advanced Control System for Your Laboratory Take Advantage of Tuttnauer’s state-of-the-art Control System with Multi-Color Display Features • Two PT100 sensors according to IEC 61010-2-040 art. 7.106/3 • Two real-time clocks (RTC) for cross-checking timing accuracy • Stores the last 200 cycles in built-in memory • Fo software control (option) • Sterilization Temperature range 105°C to 138°C Sophisticated Touch Screen HMI • 7” multi-color touch screen panel on both doors • Multi-color display for easier reading • Quick access to important information • 26 Languages • Built-in view of...

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Double Door Laboratory Autoclave 5075TLC-PVG-2A 155 Liter Chamber Volume 50100TLC-PVG-2A 205 Liter Chamber Volume Standard Autoclave Features • 7" Touch screen both sides • Automatic hinged doors 2 • 9kW Built-in steam generator • Built-in vacuum pump • 316L Chamber • Coiled jacket • Fast cooling system • 304 Stainless steel housing • 2 Flexible temperature probes • Built-in printer • Built-in wheels • Base plate shelf Technical Specification Models Chamber Volume (Liter) External Dimensions WxHxD (mm) * requires additional 1-to-3 phase switch-box Schott Duran Flasks (ml) Loading Capacity...

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Liquid Loads Liquid Load Fast Cooling Applications Sterilizing liquid requires longer heating and cooling times for completing a cycle, especially with sensitive liquid loads. When time is critical, advanced optional fast cooling features are available with Tuttnauer’s laboratory autoclaves that prevent a sudden drop in chamber pressure which can cause liquids to boil over. Fast Liquid Cooling After sterilization is completed, compressed air is passed through a microbiological filter into the autoclave chamber in order to prevent a drop in pressure. This prevents load deformation, cracks or...

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Double Door Laboratory Autoclave Biological Seal For 50100TL model The bio-shield provides a complete hermetic seal for maximum biological containment between differently qualified zones. The bioshield system meets the BSL3 bio-safety level using a combination of stainless steel plates and flexible neoprene wall seal. • Jacket Frame – A fully welded metal flange with threaded studs surrounds the jacket. A counter plate is attached to the flange using the nuts provided. Any necessary fittings for electrical connections pass through this section of the bio-shield via specially sealed...

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Double Door Laboratory Autoclave Standards Tuttnauer pressure vessels are both ASME and PED certified. All ASME certified vessels are inspected by an independent authorized ASME inspector. • DIN 58951-2:2003 Steam Sterilizers for Laboratory Use Directives & Guidelines: • PED 97/23/EC Pressure Equipment Directive • 2002/95/EC RoHS Directive • 2006/95/EC Electrical equipment • 2004/108/EC Electromagnetic compatibility • 2006/42/EC Machinery Directive • 2002/96/EC WEEE Directive • ANSI / AAMI – ST55: 2010 Table Top steam sterilizer • EN 13060: 2004+A2: 2010 Small steam sterilizer Safety and...

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