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Tiva 500Washer Disinfector

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Your Sterilization à Infection Control Partners @ Washer-Disinfector Line

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Superior Glassware Disinfection The Laboratory Glassware range of Washer-Disinfectors provides superior cleaning and disinfection combined with innovative options to minimize cost and time. This comprehensive approach offers a flexible solution for safe and thorough processing of a wide range of equipment used in the laboratory @ Washer-Disinfector Line High Quality Cleaning and Disinfection Foi unible aborrico/ results rs-.ise;: o;:i:ip nent must be t ! i :J>I C; 11 ly rleancd. Rt ■■ j. i ni wnshii:;; using Tiv<-1 Laboratory Washer-Disinfectois ensilles :h,:il lexvixd use oí equipment ir...

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Long Lasting and Safe Handling of equipnert is m united since the washei úsinleclof ranqe is f.i'ly ."iiiiorridUc. Hi s greaily reduces any risks associated with m i 111,1 cleam i;j. such as braken ;|I(:SS and e:<posu e lo I a/ardüus substances. water quality líuili-ir :T(je ri-p'icily 1er soMene's enhance c ni nny ;nj prevent build-up of scale. Connections to cold, warm and Ui '.vain arc available with a trip e waier liter system that captures residues so that they are not re-ciralatcd, "l i.s lengthening pump lifetime. Quality Components Washing chamber, '.vailing ams and likeii me nade...

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Tiva 610 Lab Tiva 600 Lab 250 liter chamber 200 liter chamber • Basket volume 220 Liters • Hot air drying • Three position sliding rails • Built-in water softener • Single Door The Tiva 610 Lab is designed with an extended chamber height. It features three washing/drying levels with telescopic sliding rails on four positions and has the capability of cleaning bottles of up to 50 liters. 4 • Basket volume 170 Liters • Hot air drying • Three position sliding rails • Built-in water softener • Single Door The Tiva 600 Lab Laboratory glassware washer disinfectors are ideal for medium sized...

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Laboratory Glassware Washer-Disinfectors Features Performance • Washing and disinfection temperatures are fully adjustable up to 90ºC • Temperature controlled by means of two independent PT1000 probes • Fresh water intake between each phase of the cycle promotes hygiene and better cleaning • Connections to cold, warm and DI water are available, with a triple water filter system that captures residues so that they are not re-circulated, thus lengthening pump life • A heavy duty self-cleaning water circulation pump ensures rapid flow rate and effective spray pressure • Filtered forced air...

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Tiva 500 Lab 171 liter chamber • Basket volume 151 Liters • Single Door • Built-in water softener • Two position sliding rails 6 The Tiva 500 Lab laboratory glassware washer-disinfectors are ideal for small research centers and laboratories to wash all types of glassware and other items. A single door washer, specially designed for installations with limited space, with a washing injection system on two levels. Operation is simple and minimizes the risks due to handling.

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■ Washing (iiul disinleilion tempe .¡tures are fully adjustable Lp ■ [emjcrftu'c is cuntiolied i;y "ne.-ns cl Iv-.xi ¡ndc!.ior¡:¡:Tií :i lüüü ■ Fresh water Intake between enei p'iase ol lie cycle promoles hygiene and better cleaning ■ Cornectiors to ccld, Aarm and 1)1 wale' are av.-i lab le. w ih .■ tuple vv,:te' lilter sys:on that capterei residjci so th.nl IIicy .re not re-Circulated, thus lengthening pump life ■ Heavy duty sell-cleanine ■.■v.y.er ciicul.y.ioi pump ensures rap d flow rale and effective spray pressure ■ Built-in water softener enhances cleaning effectiveness and prevents...

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Model Name Tiva 500 Lab Tiva 600 Lab Tiva 610 Lab Width/Depth/Height mm 600/630/850 mm 650/660/1685 mm 650/667/1840 mm Net Weight 88 Kg 156 Kg 245 Kg Gross Weight 93 Kg 176 Kg 260 Kg Basket Volume 151 Liters 170 Liters 220 Liters Drain Pipe Diam. 25 mm Diam. 40 mm Diam. 40 mm Electrical Connection 400 Vac 3 N+T / 50Hz 3 x 208V / 60Hz (optional) 3 x 230V / 60Hz (optional) 400 Vac 3 N+T / 50Hz 3 x 208V / 60Hz (optional) 3 x 230V / 60Hz (optional) 400 Vac 3 N+T / 50Hz 3 x 208V / 60Hz (optional) 3 x 230V / 60Hz (optional) Total Power 5600 W 8250 W 8250 W Pump Power 550 W 750 W 750 W Dryer...

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