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Small Clinic Washer-Disinfectors

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Lava 50 Washer-Disinfector The Lava 50 Washer-Disinfector line provides superior cleaning and disinfection combined with innovative options to minimize cost and time. This comprehensive approach offers a flexible solution for safe and thorough processing of a wide range of medical products for clinics, dental practices and small hospitals. Washer-Disinfector Line High Quality Cleaning and Disinfection Long Lasting and Safe Thermal disinfection Thermal disinfection takes place at 93°C with a temperature holding time in compliance with EN ISO 15883. Both temperature and time can be modified...

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Small Clinic Washer-Disinfectors 60 liter chamber volume • 50 Liter Basket Volume • Built-in water softener • Single Door • Filtered hot air drying system Lava 50 60 liter chamber volume • 50 Liter Basket Volume • Single Door • Built-in water softener The Lava 50 washer-disinfector line is ideal for small surgery centers and dental practices where it is used to clean and disinfect surgical instruments. Easy to install benchtop single door washers provide fast and effective treatment and a perfect preparation for sterilization. Operation is simple: load the material, close the door and...

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Model Name Gross Weight Basket Volume Drain Pipe Electrical Connection Total Power Pump Power Dryer Blower Dryer Heater Connection - Cold Water Hydraulic Connection - Cold Water Flow Rate Connection - Warm Water Hydraulic Connection - Warm Water Flow Rate Min. /Max. Permitted Room Temperature Other Specifications Washer-Disinfector Line International Sales and Marketing E-mail: Tuttnauer USA Co. 25 Power Drive, Hauppauge, NY 11788 Tel: +800 624 5836, +631 737 4850 Fax: +631 737 0720 E-mail:

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