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Pharmaceutical Autoclaves

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Your Sterilization & Infection Control Partners Pharmaceutical Autoclaves Pharmaceutical Autoclaves for Pharmaceutical Production W (^J Pharma Line

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Pharmaceutical Autoclaves Tuttnauer pharmaceutical autoclaves are designed and manufactured in a state of the art facility in compliance with cGMP regulations to meet the technical challenges of pharma and biotech industries. Tuttnauer autoclaves provide precise control and reliable sterile processing and pasteurization. Tuttnauer is a leading manufacturer of infection control solutions for the Life Science industry with decades of experience and 350,000 installations worldwide including Pharma Facilities, Research Institutes, Laboratories, Hospitals & Clinics. Tuttnauer autoclaves are...

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Pharmaceutical Autoclaves for Pharmaceutical Production Pharma Line Precision Manufacturing & Automation Tuttnauer’s manufacturing process and equipment are constantly updated to be at the forefront of modern automated manufacturing. To ensure uniform manufacturing results and precision-made sterilization equipment Tuttnauer uses high-tech industrial processes including laser cutting, robotic bending, robotic polishing, and automated welding. Our customers receive autoclaves that are robust, reliable and provide precise and consistent results. Inside Every Tuttnauer Autoclave is a Premium...

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Autoclave Applications in Pharmaceutical Facilities In the Pharmaceutical/Biopharmaceutical industry Tuttnauer offers a wide range of autoclaves: Over Pressure - Air Steam Mixture & Hot Water Spray • Gravity Displacement • Prevacuum • Biohazard Pre-Production A1. Pure Steam Sterilizer (Hard Loads) A2. Pure Steam Sterilizer (Liquid Loads) 5. Pass-through Window Production & Filling Area 2. Reactor 1 3. Reactor 2 4. Filling Machine T2. Over-Pressure Sterilizer (Bulk Capacity) T1. Pure Steam Sterilizer (Bulk Capacity) B. Biohazard Sterilizer Post-Production 1. Control Stat

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Pharma Line Pharmaceutical Autoclaves for Pharmaceutical Production Pure Steam Sterilization Pre-production processing involves the sterilization of materials, equipment, containers and other items entering the production floor. Post-production sterilizers are used for terminal sterilization of finished goods. Laboratory applications have a broad scope mainly R&D (product development, manufacturing process development, packaging selection) and Quality Control (QC). Pre & Post Vacuum Pre-vacuum removes air trapped in loads such as garments and hollow loads to achieve effective steam...

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Support for Your Investment Tuttnauer is dedicated to supporting our customers from pre-sales and installation to production. We understand the time and financial investment made by our customers and provide a team of experienced support managers and expert engineers needed to make your project installation and validation successful. Support is provided throughout every stage of the development, purchase, manufacturing, delivery and installation process. Tuttnauer’s team invests great effort into understanding your requirement specification and transforms it into high-end autoclaves. We...

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Pharmaceutical Autoclaves for Pharmaceutical Production Pharma Line Adherence to the cGMP Regulations Specification, Documentation & Acceptance Testing To ensure that our pharma autoclaves satisfy your requirements we implement a strict documentation and qualification process according to cGMP regulations. This process starts with defining specifications and expectations which will impact every aspect of manufacturing. Deliverable Documentation Our cGMP documentation process is an integral part of each stage of the project management and manufacturing process. The following is a partial...

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Chamber and Jacket Construction The inner walls of the 316L stainless steel chamber have a surface level polish less than 0.6 μm [SF6] (specific custom polishing values less than 0.4 μm [SF4] are available upon request). The chamber is constructed to be drainable with smooth, rounded and sloped surfaces to enable proper drainage and cleaning. The chamber is fully jacketed. Sanitary Piping Full sanitary primary piping with tri-clamp connectors, orbital welding and sanitary level components. Tuttnauer sanitary piping is designed and constructed in accordance with cGMP requirements. Our...

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Pharmaceutical Autoclaves for Pharmaceutical Production Pharma Line Features and Options Pressure Vessel Standard Optional Piping and Components Primary: Full Sanitary Piping Primary: Simplified Sanitary Piping Secondary: Stainless Steel piping & components with Tri-clamp connectors A wide range of chamber sizes (160 to 17000 liters) are available to meet customer needs. AISI 316L stainless steel chamber AISI 316Ti stainless steel chamber Internal chamber surface polish <0.6 Micro Ra. Internal chamber surface polish up to 0.2 Micro Ra. Electropolish (chambers less than 1300 liters) Jacket:...

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Advanced Control System Take advantage of Tuttnauer's sophisticated user-friendly PLC control system based on the advanced Allen-Bradley MicroLogix 1400 platform Standard Features • 7" Multi-color touch screen (loading and unloading side) • Sterilization temperature range 110°C to 137°C • 5 Operation access levels and up to 99 user accounts • Over 1000 cycles & event data stored in internal memory (HTML • Up to 100 cycle programs (customizable by user) • Cycle simulation (for testing cycles) • Easy file transfer via USB or LAN • Thermal serial printer • Ethernet connection for remote...

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Pharma Line Pharmaceutical Autoclaves for Pharmaceutical Production Standard Optional Standard Printer Paper Chart Recorder Enables external remote access for technical support Remote Control* SCADA Software *For remote control operation with the Tablet option, a WiFi router is required.

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SCADA SCADA software (optional) allows for monitoring of up to 10 sterilizers from external PC workstations. The software retrieves data, creates graphs, tables and printouts. Data for tens-of-thousands of cycles & events (in HTML format) can be stored. Dashboard Real-time temperature, pressure values and graphical trends. Real-time operation of machine. In/Out Digital and Analog Status A feature for technicians to check each system component separately. Piping Diagram Includes cycle information, parameters, data, and graphical trends.

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