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D-Line | Tabletop Autoclaves

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-Line | Tabletop Autoclaves ® Class S & Class N Tuttnauer Your Sterilization & Infection Control Partners

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D Line | Tabletop Autoclaves Reliable & Robust D-line Tabletop Autoclaves are designed for the needs of modern clinics where autoclaves are expected to operate non-stop every workday. Designed for the sterilization processing needs of: • Medical Clinics • Dental Clinics • Veterinary Clinics

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D-Line | Tabletop Autoclaves Closed Door Drying • Door remains closed during the drying stage to maintain sterility and ensure efficient drying (included with EA/EKA models). A high efficiency air pump circulates filtered air through the chamber for fast drying. Self Locking Door • Newly designed door is easy to open and close with one hand • Self locking with double safety locking mechanism Convenient Front Water Filling • Accessible front or top water filling • Front water filling allows you to use the space above the autoclave Dynamic Pulsed Air Removal • Removes air from the chamber...

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Control Panel Innovative Multi-Color Display A bright LCD panel for easy reading, with multilingual interface (26 languages). Cycle Parameters Parameter settings for temperature, sterilization time and drying time Real-Time Measured Values Shows real-time values for chamber temperature & pressure, and generator pressure Easy Pad A user-friendly 3 button keypad enables the user to browse with ease through the sterilization cycle program settings and user directories Thermal Printer Optional high quality built-in thermal printer for paper printouts.

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D-Line | Tabletop Autoclaves Digital Cycle Data on Your PC • ave cycle data files on your PC with no additional software or specialized hardware S • No need for printing and filing cycle print-outs Select “Export History” Connect USB memory to your PC Create reports with R.PC.R View cycle data files on your

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Class S EKA Models provide closed door active drying Class N EK Models require door to be slightly open for drying

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Class S EA Models provide closed door active drying Class N E Models require door to be slightly open for drying Technical Specification

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Easy to operate with 4 pre-programed sterilization programs and 20 customizable programs '■'■'Wrapped cycle load of 1.5 kg. Unwrapped cycle load of 3kg

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D-Line | Tabletop Autoclaves Front View Side View

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Reporting You Can Rely On • Automatic recording of cycle information to any PC on your network • Convenient access to graphs and tables that are easy to understand • Easily generate PDF reports • No need to file printouts, saving you time Be in Control with Real-Time Remote Monitoring • See the real-time autoclave display on your PC • Monitor all activity for up to 8 autoclaves With R.PC.R you can see: Graphs of the cycle data, numeric cycle data, cycle print-outs, measured values table, table of parameters. Standards and Directives Partial list of standards and directives: Pressure...

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Complementary Products Sealing Machine Ensures that sterilized instruments remain sealed after sterilization and maintain perfect sterility during their shelf-life. Water Distiller Use mineral-free water to protect your autoclave and instruments at a fraction of the cost of bottled distilled water. Chamber Brite™ Chamber Brite effectively cleans and descales the chamber, the reservoir and copper tubing of any steam autoclave.

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D-Line | Tabletop Autoclaves Experience Since 1925 As a family owned business Tuttnauer has manufactured products for over 90 years that have developed a reputation for their quality, high performance and reliability, sophisticated features, and ability to satisfy customer expectations. Tuttnauer’s sterilization & infection control products are trusted at over 350,000 installations worldwide including Hospitals, Clinics and Laboratories. Exceptional Support Worldwide Tuttnauer’s staff provides expert pre-sales and after-sales support services to satisfy customer expectations. Our teams are...

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