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Animal Care Large Autoclaves

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Your Sterilization 6 Infection Control Partners Laboratory Line Large Steam Sterilizers for the Life Sciences

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Large Steam Sterilizers for the Life Sciences Sterilization in a laboratory environment has its unique requirements. The types of loads that need to be sterilized are varied and include liquids, glassware, instruments, porous loads and additional laboratory items. Choosing the right steam sterilizer depends on several considerations: the type of loads, frequency of use, available services and load volumes. The Tuttnauer line of large capacity sterilizers successfully meets the challenges posed by sterilization in laboratories and research institutes. The sterilizers use pre-vacuum and...

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Laboratory Line Designed to Handle Diverse Load Types The Tutlnauer line of laboratory sterilizers can handle a variety of range in temperature from 105°C ■ 137°C. II needed the number ol programs can be increased. Standard programs are set to handle: ■ Unwrapped instruments and glassware ■ Wrapped instruments, packs and utensils ■ 2 test programs: Bowie & Dick and Vacuum Test Al pieqi.ini:, Hif lolly piny ril' iridi) e le Liquid Loads me is required for liquids to reach stendanoli temperature compared to non liquids. Tuttnauer's autoclaves are equipped w th f cxhle temperature probe, which...

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Vacuum Cycles The sterilizer's vacuum pump etliciently removes residnal air prior to sieri I iza Hon, enabl nq elleclive aenetraUon of steam. The posl-vaciiiim drying phase, al liic- er;: ol Ihesle- IÍA-IÜÜÍI IVI le. ensures compiere drying o' ::o"ous loads and hoilow instruments. I hi; guarantees taal ever Ihe nost dill cu:: loads wil ea:.ily reach sterility assurance levels. Advanced Sterilization Cycles F0 Cycle - F(l control enables reduced medir exposure lo nigh temperatures thereby reducing cycle time and preventing damage to temperature sensitive media. The exposure time measure Is...

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Laboratory Line Waste Treatment Facilities and Biosafety Autoclaves used in laboratories and animal care facilities that are classified as Bio-safety Level 4 must have a pass-through double door sterilizer, with interlocks that provide protection against the passage of potentially contaminated materials to the surroundings. A bio-seal must be installed and maintained around the unit at the containment barrier to seal the space. Tuttnauer supplies full sterilization solutions for the treatment of bio-hazardous materials and waste. Tuttnauer sterilizers can be customized to meet the specific...

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Engineered with People in Mind Quality features enable the convenience and durability needed to operate an autoclave with complete peace of mind. The fully jacketed chamber is constructed 1mm long lasting 316L/TÌ grade stainless steel with superior corrosion resistance, the generator and pipi ïg are cousin..; led or stainless steel. I he pneumatic valves iiy n* educe rraintenarco. ll ey a e saler and naie iel aule. eliminating the regulrement lor high voltage. Furthermore, If no buttons or switches ore operateli lor lorn hours, ".he autoclave will switch to standby mode. Two...

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Laboratory Line Our safety features ensure functionality and a worry-free work environment which results in reduced downtime. Door Safety the sute-clave door; a_e designed with a number of independent mechanical and &qr.a\ sa'e-y features, [his guarantees that if a prob en' should occur, an autoclave hïl.i.e ■.■■.■i l be prevented. ■ A safely device prevents the operator from opening the door when chamber is pressurized • Steam Is not allowed into II íe ciarnbe' when the door Is open ■ A cycle cannot start if the door is open or not properly loekee •The door cannot unlock until chamber...

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A Flexible Range of Sizes and Models Tuttnauer offers an unmatched range of models (hat are available in three series: Compact, Mid Range and Large Capacity. The sterilizer chamber ranges in size from 120 to 1015 liters. Additionally, we design tailor made solutions and non- standard chamber sizes to accommodate special needs. Each model is available with either single or double door. In addition to the laboratory line Tuttnauer offer; the T- M a x line of sterilizer; with chamber si/es which comply with the European StU (Sterilization Units) requirements. Tuttnauer Small Laboratory...

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Laboratory Line Tuttnauer Medium Laboratory Autoclaves with chamber volumes The 66 series is available with the following door options: • Fully automatic vertical sliding door • Hinged door with automatic locking. Tuttnauer offers 5 different models: I Vertical Sliding Door I Automatic Hinged Door

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The 69 Large Capacity Series Tuttnauer Large Laboratory Autoclaves with chamber volumes from 510 to 1010 liters. The 69 series is available with the following door options: • Fully automatic horizontal sliding door • Hinged door with automatic locking. Tuttnauer offers 4 models: Model Chamber Dimensions (WxHxD) mm Chamber volume (Liter) 6990 610x910x915 510 69120 610x910x1215 680 69150 610x910x1515 840 69180 610x910x1815 1010 Automatic Hinged Door Horizontal Sliding Door 10

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Additional Options Loading Equipment Our loading equipment assists the loading and unloading process. It is made of high quality, durable stainless steel. We offer two options:   • Pull Out Trays- Stainless steel trays equipped with rails for easy loading and unloading. The rails are designed to prevent the trays from rolling over. • Loading Cart and Transfer Carriage - The height adjustable loading cart rolls off the transfer carriage onto the interior chamber rails for easy handling of heavy loads. The transfer carriage is equipped with swivel wheels, maximizing maneuverability in limited...

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Your Sterilization & Infection Control Partners Company Profile For over 80 years, Tuttnauer’s sterilization and infection control products have been trusted by hospitals, universities, research institutes, clinics and laboratories throughout the world. Supplying a range of top-quality products to over 100 countries, Tuttnauer has earned global recognition as a leader in sterilization and infection control. Global Partnerships At Tuttnauer we feel that business means people dealing with people. We pride ourselves on our reputation for the long-lasting relationships we have with our...

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