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Catalogue excerpts


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In Markets Around the World. Only from TSUBAKI. TSUBAKI Small Size Conveyor Overseas Group Companies TSUBAKI Group Environmental Policy Philosophy The Tsubaki Group understands that the preservation of the Earth’s environment is one of the highest priorities for humankind. Our aim is to consider the environment in all of our activities to contribute to the creation of a healthy and wealthy tomorrow. Basic Policy We strive to understand the environmental aspect of our business activities, products, and services, and implement measures to reduce the environmental burden for the conservation of the...

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Kyotanabe Plant Concept Kind consideration towards the global environment Harmony and coexistence with the global environment Pursuit of high efciency and high quality Internationally Accredited Plant Tsubakimoto Chain aims to make products that are people-friendly, environmentally friendly, and reliable. Its Chain Division acquired ISO 9001 accreditation in 1995 and ISO 14001 accreditation in 2003. Courage to look to the future Tsubakimoto Chain’s Kyotanabe Plant is a state-of-the-art facility outfitted with the latest environmental systems to produce environmentally friendly products that meet...

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Tsubaki World-Class Quality and an Extensive Line-Up to Satisfy Ever-Changing Needs Tsubakimoto Chain conducts its business activities with the aim of providing the best value to our customers. We strive to be the world’s leading manufacturer of chain and power transmission components. Tsubaki Small Size Conveyor Chain is indispensable in supporting production lines of every kind around the world. LCA Life Cycle Assessment Tsubaki incorporates Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) in its activities, and develops and manufactures environmentally friendly chain products that have a significant impact on reducing...

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Corrosion Resistant Small Size Conveyor Chain High Precision Conveyor Chain Stainless steel, engineering plastic, or special surface-treated chain. The ideal choice of chain in corrosive environments. Needle bearings between the pins and bushes almost eliminate pitch elongation. Ideal for applications requiring accurate positioning. Attachment Chain Tsubaki offers a wide range of customized attachment chains for conveyors to match the application, equipment, environment, and conveying conditions. RS Attachment Chain Tsubaki RS type conveyor chains are indicated with this symbol in this catalog. Free...

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Small Size Conveyor Chain Standard Small Size Conveyor Chain 19 Special Small Size Conveyor C Lube Free Small Size Conveyor Chain 29 Surface-Treated Lambda RS Attachment Chain • • - 37 Lambda Chain Specialty Attachments The logos, brand names, or product names in this catalog are trademarks or registered trademarks of Tsubakimoto Chain Co. in Japan and other countries.

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Free Flow Chain Stainless Steel Hollow Pin Double Pitch Chain • • - 55 Engineering Manual Double Plus Chain Roller Chain Accessories for Double Plus Chain 120 Special Sprockets Engineering Manual Small Size Conveyor Chain Inquiry Sheet • • -159 Custom Attachment Chain Worksheet —160 The TSUBAKI Eco Link logo is used only on products that satisfy the standards for environmental friendliness set by the Tsubaki Group.

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Small Size Conveyor Chain Precautions Before Use Be sure to read this entire Small Size Conveyor Chain catalog to make the proper chain selection for your application. In addition, be sure to indicate the relevant section to the persons who will actually be maintaining the conveyor chain. Small Size Conveyor Chain is a convenient, compact mechanical device that can transport goods and materials while taking up a minimal amount of space. However, it does not have an unlimited service life. 1. Conveyor chain must be inspected on a regular basis and replaced as necessary. It is subject to wear and...

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Features and Important Points of Conveyor Chains Features Important Points 1. No slippage is a strong advantage of conveyor chain, but consideration must be given in selection when impact resistance is considered. 1. Can move conveyed goods or materials with almost any shape or form. 2. Wide operational range, including conveyor length, transport direction, usage environment, etc. 3. Can reliably convey goods or materials with no slippage. 4. Highly durable, highly efficient. 2. The mechanical nature of the chain engaging the sprocket will cause speed variations. Handling Precautions 1. Mishandling...

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Small Size Conveyor Chain Construction Double Pitch Chain Construction Double Pitch Double Pitch Roller Chain has the same basic construction as standard roller chain, but chain pitch is twice as long, and the chain has flat-shaped link plates with longer attachments. R r ollers and S rollers are available, with usage depending on application. (See “Roller Type” on page 11.) Can be used with double pitch sprockets or RS Roller Chain sprockets (with S rollers, when the number of sprocket teeth is 30 or more). I deal for applications where the conveying distance is relatively long or the speed is...

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RS® Attachment Chain Construction This chain is a standard RS Roller Chain with added attachments. Because the chain pitch is smaller, it can transport small objects using a small pitch, and is ideal for general applications where conveying distance is short. Runs quietly, smoothly and can travel at high speeds. RS Roller Chain sprockets can be used in almost all cases. Outer Link with Attachment Press Fit Pin Inner Link with Attachment Inner Plate Outer Plate Connecting Plate Spring Clip 6. Spring Clip/Cotter Pin Spring clips and cotter pins prevent the connecting plates from detaching and are...

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Small Size Conveyor Chain Connecting Parts 1. Connecting Links (symbol: CL) Connecting Link Application Table 1) An offset link is used when a strand of chain has an odd number of links. 2) Attachment offset links are not available. Offset Plate Clip Type Chain Size Spring Clip 2. Offset Links (symbol: OL) Offset Plate Connecting Plate Connecting Plate chain normally consists of multiple interconnected links and so requires a connecting link. 2) Connecting links are available with attachments or without attachments. 3) Connecting links are available with either spring clips or cotter pins to prevent...

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