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Laboratory Air circulated Refrigerator

TC 200


Sensor of stainless steel Ø 4,0mm L=30mm Pt100 class A,
with plugged cable of PTFE, Measurement area: -200°C…+200°C
Length: 8 Meter
SPY RF Relay (Repeater)
- Allows the data transfer of the data logger about bigger distances
- Can transfer dates of one or several SPY RF data logger
- Electricity supply about power supply unit and battery in case of power failure
- with 2 output ranges: 25mW to communicate with the data logger and 500mW to communicate with the modem.
- Delivered with wall mounting fixture
- Ambient temperature: from -10°C to +70°C
SPY RF Alarm - realtime alerting
- i.e. by limit exceeded or power failure
- Local warning
- Integrated acoustical and optical Alarm
- Power supply via external power adapter and
spare battery in case of power failure
- Button for local alarm quitt
- Relais output for remote alarm)
(GSM-Modem, telephone dialer)
- including wall mounting holder
SPY RF Telephone dialer
- In the speech modus it called up to 6 different subscriber and informed them
about the kind of failure
- This ergonomically linguistic aid provides high operational ease.
- requires an analogue phone line
- Individual adjustment of identification, alarms and alarm quitt
- requires an external power supply (included)
GSM-Modem I for switch contact
For use with:
Software - Basic Version and SPY RF USB-Modem, or SPY RF Alarm
- Enables to send SMS messages
- Modem registered also power failure and send SMS immediately.

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Laboratory refrigerators 140 Litres
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    TC 200Laboratory Air circulated Refrigerator(undercounter)External Dimensions:B =D =H =530 mm640 mm840 mmInternal Dimensions:B =D =H =450 mm535 mm530 mmCapacity:140...
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    Laboratory Air circulated RefrigeratorTC 200(undercounter)Control system located beneath the doorHigh quality electronic temperature controllerActual and...
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    Laboratory Air circulated RefrigeratorTC 200(undercounter)Special Equipment and Accessories :High quality electronic temperature regulator, TR 2002,with...
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    Laboratory Air circulated RefrigeratorTC 200(undercounter)Fault signalling equipment with interfaceRS 485 (Alarmsystem)Installed permanently in control...
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    Laboratory Air circulated RefrigeratorTC 200(undercounter)Wireless data logger, complete____________________________________consisting of:Wireless data...
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    Laboratory Air circulated RefrigeratorTC 200(undercounter)QualificationsIQ (Installation Qualification)The IQ documentation is worked out by us especially...
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