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POLYPAC® - Veepac CH/G5

Veepac CH/G5 Set


Veepac is a set of fabric reinforced Chevron
rings comprising of a support ring (1), sealing
rings (2) and a pressure energising ring (3).
In the packing set the energising axial force
is transferred between the individual packing rings so
that each ring is pressed into positive contact with the
rod surface. Additional to the standard material special
material grades are available for a large variety of working
conditions. The gure shows the Veepac design.

- Very robust seal
- Non sensitive
- Adjustable
- Easy replacement in the eld with split rings
- Extensive range of sizes (see symmetrical seals)
- Requires non super mating surfaces
Application Examples
- Mining equipment (with approvals)


- Excavators -Steel mills
- Water hydraulic


- Presses
- Ship hydraulics
- Stabilizer cylinders on cranes
- Continous casting equipment
Technical Data
Operating conditions

Figure 32


Veepac design

“U“ or base rings in standard version manufactured
in reinforced fabric comprising of layers of cotton
impregnated with nitrile rubber compounded to
resist extrusion. This component supports the Vee
Rings for effective performances.
Vee Rings are made of reinforced cotton fabric
and nitrile elastomer, in standard version, to
give good resilience, sealing efciency and extrusion
Due to their specic design, Vee Rings are sensitive
to uid pressure variations, enabling them to deect
throughout their radial section, increase the seal
loading and effectiveness in proportion to the
pressures applied.


Up to 40 MPa


Up to 0.5 m/s

Temperature: -30 °C to +200 °C depending on material

Hydraulic uids
Mineral oil, water glycol, water emulsions

Important Note:
The above data are maximum values and cannot
be used at the same time. e.g. the maximum
operating speed depends on material type,
pressure, temperature and gap value.
Temperature range also dependent on medium.

2a) Vee Rings are made of pure elastomer for high
sealing efcienty.

Energiser or spreader rings are manufactured in
acetal resin or PTFE. The function of this component
is to ensure a uniform pressure distribution.

Latest information available at
Edition January 2011


Hydraulic Seals - linear - Rod Seals (metric version)
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    POLYPAC® - Veepac CHRodDiameterGrooveDiameterGroove WidthdN h9/F8D1 H11L -0.2550.0065.0026.0050.0070.0053.9755.00SingleRingHeightSpecialVersionTSS...
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    POLYPAC® - Veepac CH Table XXVI Explanation to "Special Version"Not available with rubber V-ringAAvailable upon request#Latest information available...
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    POLYPAC® - Veepac CHM//ATRELLEBORGSEALING SOLUTIONSLatest information available at www.tss.trelleborg.comEdition January 2011
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    POLYPAC® - VEEPAC CH/G5 Single ActingSet of Chevron RingsWith Support and PressureEnergizing RingMaterial:Fabbric Reinforced Rubber,Rubber, POM or...
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    TDEI I Cn/^\T3/^ Latest information available atwww.tss.trelleborg.comI KtLLtbUKo ...
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    POLYPAC® - Veepac CH/G5MaterialsDesign InstructionsThe following material combination can be supplied:Lead in chamfersStandardNon standardNon standardMaterial...
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    POLYPAC® - Veepac CH/G5Installation RecommendationLD1dNmax. 0.15BFigure 33Installation drawingOrdering exampleVeepac Type RCH_GRod diameter:Groove...
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    POLYPAC® - Veepac CH/G5Table XXVIIInstallation dimensions / TSS Part No.RodDia.GrooveDia.GrooveWidthSealWidthdN f8/h9D1 H11L +0.2B25.037.022.525.040.022.528.
  11. P. 105

    POLYPAC® - Selemaster SMSingle ActingCompact Rod SealWith Anti-extrusion RingMaterial:Rubber + Fabric ReinforcedRubber + POMLatest information available...
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    TDEI I Cn/^\T3/^ Latest information available atwww.tss.trelleborg.comI KtLLtbUKo ...
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