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TQC Sheen Catalog 2019

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Catalog 2019 Paint Laboratory, Industrial Finishing and Protective Coatings Industry

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Paint Laboratory Comprehensive Abrasion Test    8 Automatic Film Applicator Standard    9 Scrub Abrasion and Washability Tester    10 Corrosion Test Cabinets    12 Industrial Finishing Positector 6000 18 Low Voltage Pinhole Detector    19 Protective Coatings Bresle Kit    26 Hull Roughness Gauge    27 Paint Inspection Gauge    28

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TQC SHEEN, DEVELOPERS AND MANUFACTURERS OF PAINT TEST EQUIPMENT Molenbaan 19 2908 LL Capelle aan den IJssel The Netherlands +31(0)10 - 79 00 100 +31(0)10 - 79 00 129 info@tqcsheen.com www.tqcsheen.com

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TQC Sheen designs and produces field measuring instruments and lab equipment for testing paint and coatings and general surface treatment. TQC is a Dutch manufacturer of paint test equipment renowned for their innovative approach and ground breaking developments. Late 2017 British company Sheen Instruments was acquired by TQC BV of The Netherlands. Sheen Instruments has a history of over 70 years being manufacturers of laboratory equipment for the paint industry. Joining Forces Both companies are joining forces now. The brands are merged in the TQC Sheen label which represents perhaps the...

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Paint Laboratory For research and control of lacquers, paints and coatings.

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Comprehensive Abrasion Test The Comprehensive Abrasion Test, in short CAT, mimics road transports of beverage cans. Beverage cans suffer from scuff and friction during transport, damaging its coating or even causing leaks in cans.The reciprocating motion mimics in-the-field transportation abrasion damage of coatings equivalent to theGavarti Associates"GV-CAT"system.The instrument simulates a truck transport of cans. Setting different speeds and stroke lengths allows you to mimic any type of road surface. ^ Simulates truck transports of cans and flat objects.    5.28 -35.2 fl. oz.(UK) Set...

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Automatic Film Applicator Standard Produce consistent films for research into different coating or slurry formulations. Evaluate parameters such as opacity, spreading rate, color & hiding power. Apply coating films to test charts, panels or foils in a uniform and reproducible way. Eliminate variations caused by human factors. Optional tools are available to measure fineness of grind, drying time & scratch resistance. Choose the heated model for any thermal applications and research. Technical Specifications Increased stroke length for larger type test charts Traverse Speed More choices of...

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Scrub Abrasion and Washability Tester The Scrub Abrasion and Washability Tester is used to test the resistence of paint, varnish or coatings to scratching, wearing, and color loss due to wet or dry abrasion, by simulating everyday wear from cleaning actions or general use. The test is either used as a “pass or fail” test by testing to a specified number of strokes or defining the minimum number of strokes at which a coating fails by checking at regular intervals. Technical Specifications Standards ASTM D2486, ASTM D3450, ASTM D4213, ASTM D4828, Stroke Length Easy to update software Full...

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CureView The CureView Gradient Oven is a flexible oven that allows the user to heat up test panels on a glass bed to a variety of temperature profiles, varying from ambient +5˚C to 350˚C / ambient +41˚F to 662˚F. Elevated temperatures are instantly generated by 32 spectral filtered IR halogen heaters, which can be controlled individually and allow the setting of any form of temperature gradient, varying from a parabolic shaped gradient, an ascending or descending slope or a number of temperature blocks. The CureView Gradient Oven allows importing of gradient profiles, measured by the TQC...

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Corrosion Test Cabinets C&W cabinets by TQC Sheen are widely used to test both components and coated test panels across the whole spectrum of industry.The design ensures that they meet or exceed the requirements laid down in all major national, international and corporate standards. Pioneering designs have made C&W the UK leader in the manufacture of accelerated corrosion and environmental test cabinets. With the inclusion of C&W in TQC Sheen in 2019 it is our goal to enhance this leading position and extend the product range with all necessary tools for performing corrosion tests. Features...

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Cone and Plate The Cone Plate Viscometer is a versatile and robust viscosity meter to the Cone / Plate principle. The microprocessor controlled plate temperature allows for accurate temperature controlled measurement. The precision Titanium nitrate cone and plate allow accurate control of the Shear force to 10.000S-1 or to 12.000S-1. Features ^ Pre-selected or adjustable runtimes 5-59 seconds, with manual or automatic start Adjustable pre-heating time 0-59 seconds ^ Adjustable limit/tolerances setting with warning ® Standards ASTM D4287, ISO 2884, BS 3900-A7 Temperature Control Built in 5°...

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Cylindrical Bend Test SP1822 Determine the elasticity adhesion and elongation of paint on sheet metal in accordance with ISO 1519. Impact Test SP1880 Determine the impact resistivity and flexibility of coatings. Pycnometer VF2097 Specific Gravity Cup for determining the specific gravity or density (or weight per gallon wpg) of coatings, pastes or similar liquids. Drying Time Recorder AB3600 VF2095 AB3075 The Drying Time Recorder is a fully digitally controlled machine to define the different stages in the drying process of paints and coatings. Recorder operates conform the BK (Beck Koller)...

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Industrial Finishing For quality control of powder coatings and surface finishing applications.

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