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Precious Metals Catalog
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Catalog excerpts

Precious Metals This catalogue introduces furnaces and machinery that TOPCAST develops for the Precious Metal Industry. To orient properly the customer among the large offer, the equipment are divided into different activities like Casting, Melting, Granulating, Atomizing and Recovery. Vacuum Melting & Casting METAL Atomizer Vacuum investment casting is the process used in lost-wax technique to get a metal replica from wax or resin patterns. The pattern is designed and then built in wax or resin materials by different equipment as CNC, 3D printers, wax injectors and rubber moulds or even carving...

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Vacuum Melting & Casting Double Chamber Pressure over Vacuum Casting Machine TVCd is the pressure over vacuum casting machine designed to meet the more severe needs in lost wax casting production. This machine works with a new, revolutionary double chamber concept. This innovative system gives several advantages compared with the traditional single chamber suction system currently available in the market. In TVCd melting chamber and flask chamber are completely independent and at the moment of casting the machine controls the metal injection into the mold by applying a differential pressure during...

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Vacuum Melting & Casting TVC3d TVC3d is the tabletop pressure over vacuum casting machine designed to meet the more severe needs in lost wax casting production. This machine works with a new, revolutionary double chamber concept providing outstanding performances: • Flexible performances in all karats, silver, brass and bronze • Stone-in-wax casting • 3D printed resin direct casting • Filigree and very difficult design casting with fantastic and consistent results easily achieved Vacuum Melting & Casting Double Chamber Pressure over Vacuum Casting Machine The machine is fully automatic, having...

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Vacuum Melting & Casting Vacuum Centrifugal Casting Machine TCE are consistent, robust and easy to use vacuum centrifugal casting machines designed for small and medium casting laboratories. The casting cycle begins with alloys melting under vacuum or protective gas and continues with casting into the mould by centrifugal force. After casting and during the solidification phase a strong compression takes place in the cast tree. An advanced induction heating system guarantees a fast and homogeneous mixing of the alloy before casting, while temperature measurement is achieved by a precise infrared...

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INDUCTION MELTING Induction Tilting Furnaces TMF-R is a family of coreless induction melting furnaces capable of melting ferrous, non-ferrous, precious and PGM alloys. The crucible can be tilted for a more accurate and safer dosing. The driving mechanism can be by hand-wheel, electrical or hydraulic. Induction Generators can be provided with one or more melting stations using a power switch to drive one station or the other. Optionally, we offer a master-slave configuration featuring contemporary power-sharing between two or more power stations. The frequency converter design approach uses parallel...

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INDUCTION MELTING GRANULATION PLANT Induction Furnaces Manual Crucible Extraction Topcast TMF-G induction melting plants are designed for metal grains production. The tilting crucible pours the metal in a multihole tundish which acts as a flow-breaker and from which the metal droplets drip down in a cooling tank. All this is done with protection from oxidation by means of gas burners. Topcast TMF are induction furnaces of small size capable of melting any type of metal: from precious metals to ferrous and non-ferrous. The crucible can be lifted-up and tilted by means of special pliers, therefore...

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GRANULATION PLANT TVCd-G Topcast TVCd-G furnaces are used to produce high quality and homogenous master alloys grains, starting from raw material melted by induction heating in a protective atmosphere, and then poured into a water / alcohol tank passing through a multi-hollowed crucible that acts as flow breaker. Melting and pouring phases are protected by inert gas, which can be chosen between Argon, Nitrogen or Forming Gas. The induction generator is designed to allow the complete homogenization of the alloy thanks to the pulsed stirring effect of the magnetic field which works during the melting...

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TMA-G TMA-G is a family of gas atomizers designed to produce metal powders of rounded and regular shape, to be used in many industrial, chemical, electronics and rapid prototyping application (additive manufacturing) as SLM (Selective Laser Melting) and EBM (Electron Beam Melting). The atomizer is based on an induction furnace, working in a closed chamber under protective atmosphere, where the molten metal is poured and hit by a jet of high pressure inert gas, producing fine and deoxidized powders. Induction heating ensures a very good homogenization of the melt thanks to the action of magnetic...

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INGoTS, SHEETS, RODS Precious Metal Ingots TIP furnaces are designed to manufacture any size of ingots, from 50 g to kilo-bar either in gold or silver. Ingots are obtained by melting pre-weighted grains in a graphite mould placed inside the vacuum chamber and then by cooling appropriately the ingot during the solidification phase. The heart of the machine is the induction generator and its coil, designed to maximize the heat transfer during the cycle. After loading the graphite mould, a pneumatic jack will lift the part up perfectly into the center of the magnetic field and the melting step will...

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INGoTS, SHEETS, RODS INGoTS, SHEETS, RODS Vacuum Furnaces for Sheets and Rods This family of furnaces are used to produce high quality semifinished product, like sheets or rods, starting by raw materials melted by induction heating in a protective atmosphere and then poured in vacuum into an ingot mould, that can be in copper, in graphite or other materials. Vacuum Furnaces for Sheets and Rods The control logic is provided with a PC based data acquisition system aimed to sample the process variables with reporting function after every casting cycle. Data can be display in graphic format or exported...

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