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T&B® Conduit Fittings - 4 / 171 Pages

Rigid and Intermediate Metal Conduit Fittings Locknuts
140 Series 141AL Series
106 Series
Standard Material
140 Series & 106 Series
%" thru 2" steel (hardened) 252" thru 6" Malleable Iron All screws steel
141AL Series
All copper-free aluminum Standard Finish
All steel and malleable iron locknuts, including electro zinc-plated bonding screws and chromate coated all-aluminum locknut, degreased
%" through 6" conduit (All threads straight pipe [NPS]) (140 Series) 52" through 4" conduit (106 Series & 141AL Series)
Listed/Certified by
UL (UL File No. E-23018)
CSA [catalog numbers 108,109,110 and 111. All 140 Series except catalog number 140.] (LR-2884, LR-4484)
Conforms to
UL 514B
CSA C22.2 No. 18 NEMA FB1 NFPA 70
Federal Specification replaced by A-A-50553 Federal Standard H-28 (Threads)
Case Hardened Locknuts
Case hardened locknuts make fittings faster and easier to install. Case
hardened locknuts do not slip or turn, thereby protecting the biting edge. Case hardened locknuts bite through paint into the enclosure, providing excellent continuity of ground (typical T&B/Thomas & Betts fitting with case hardened locknuts successfully passed minimum fault current of 10,000
amps RMS). Case hardened locknuts, when assembled in the intended
manner, will not vibrate loose, thereby ensuring excellent ground continuity.
• To connect externally threaded conduit or connector to a threadless opening in a box or enclosure
• To effectively bond conduit or connector to box or enclosure
• Hardened steel/malleable iron/copper-free aluminum construction
• Tightens without deformation
• Locknuts specially designed to:
(i) Provide extended reach for clamping on thin boxes and enclosures
(ii) Cut through protective coating on box and enclosure, thereby ensuring ground continuity
(iii) Permit tightening from outside
(iv) Prevent loosening under vibration
• 106 Series provided with a hardened cone point screw
United States
Tel: 901.252.8000
Tel: 450.347.5318
Technical Services
Tel: 888.862.3289
T&B® Conduit Fittings
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    ft 4* Rigid and Intermediate Metal Conduit Fittings...................A-4-A-35 Conduit Outlet Bodi^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^H Form 7, Form 8, and Red-Dot...
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    Rigid and Intermediate Metal Conduit Fittings Available in your choice of steel/malleable iron or aluminum. Ensures positive bonding of...
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    Rigid and Intermediate Metal Conduit Fittings Perfect for grounding old work or new! Bonding & Grounding Wedges Series 3651Series 3650 Standard...
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    Rigid and Intermediate Metal Conduit Fittings Blackjack Grounding Bushing Technical Information Nylon Insulator (150κ C)Mounting Screw Lug Screw14-4:Slotted14-2/0:Slotted6-4/0:Internal...
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    Rigid and Intermediate Metal Conduit Fittings Threaded Insulated Grounding Bushing Application For quick installation of bonding jumper to multiple metal...
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