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Ocal® PVC Coated Conduit & Fittings - 8 / 92 Pages

Overview Evaluating corrosion protection of PVC-coated conduit

When evaluating any electrical raceway conduit or fittings, applicable standards should be referenced.The three standards that address the design and performance of PVC-coated rigid steel conduit are ANSI C80.1,UL6 and NEMA RN-1. ANSI C80.1,UL and NEMA have determined the appropriateASTM standards and test methods that apply. >

Hot-Dip Galvanized Threads

Since electrical conduit systems breathe,the threads will be exposed to the corrosive environment for the duration of the installation.NEMA RN-1-2005 is the electrical industrys standard for PVC externally coated galvanized rigid steel conduit.Section 2.1 of this standard states,ғWhere unusually corrosiveenvironments are encountered,it is recommended that threads be given additional protection suitable for the intended application.Hot-dip galvanizing is theprocess through which the steel shell is dipped in molten zinc,causing the zinc to penetrate the steel.Only Ocal hot-dip galvanizes the threads of the conduit,in addition to the conduit itself.This gives the threads the protection necessary in corrosive environments.A compelling demonstration of the protection hot-dip galvanizing provides is shown below,using a common corrosive agent,salt,on hot-dip galvanized threadsversus threads that are spray galvanized.UL6,the standard for rigid metal conduit,references ASTM B117 for evaluating protective coatings.Below are theresults of a salt-fog test using the standard test method ASTM B117. >
Red rust Red rust mixed with salt buildup Salt buildup only Examples of Spray-Galvanized (Hot-Galvanized) Threads after 42-day salt-fog testExamples of Hot-Dip Galvanized Threads after42-day salt-fog test

Galvanized conduit underneath the PVC coating ԗ Preece Test

With so much riding on the integrity of their electrical conduit systems,facilities need the superiorprotection offered by the Thomas & Betts Ocal PVC-coated conduit systems.The simple fact is that Ocalis the only PVC-coated conduit system to comply fully with the design and performance standards forPVC-coated conduit set forth by UL6,NEMA RN-1 and ANSI C80.1.ANSI C80.1,UL6 and NEMA RN-1 have determined the appropriate ASTM standards and test methodsthat apply,and the Preece test is one test that must be passed to be in full compliance. >

Why is the Preece test relevant to PVC-coated conduit?

Corrosion Protection for Electrical Conduit and Fittings In cases where the PVC protection is accidentally breached,resulting from cuts,scrapes,etc.,it is criticalto have a second line of defense a zinc,or galvanized,coating.The zinc coating will significantly slowcorrosion and allow more time for repairs.Conduit systems without adequate zinc protection underneaththe PVC coating are most likely to suffer catastrophic corrosion damage.This is why NEMA RN-1 section3.1.1 requires the proper and correct treatment of galvanized conduit before it is PVC coated.It states, דThe surface shall be cleaned in such a manner that the galvanized surface of the conduit is notharmed or eroded. >
Disturbed zinc coatingnot adequate forcorrosion protection
Zinc coatingsurpassesrequirement forcorrosion resistance The purpose of the Preece test is to evaluate the zinc coating on galvanized rigid conduit to ensureadequate protection from corrosion per UL6.2.2.The test will also determine if the surface of the
conduit has been damaged as a result of preparation for PVC coating.In evaluating the test results,the conduit receives a passing grade when the sample does not show a bright,adherent deposit of copper after four 60-second immersions in the copper sulfate solution.
The conduit showing the bright,firmly adhering copper has failed to provide adequate zinc protection
against corrosion.The Preece test follows procedures set forth by UL6.2.2 and ASTM A239 and is the test recognized by UL6,NEMA RN-1 and ANSI C80.1 to adequately assess zinc protection for rigid steel conduit.Only the Ocal line of PVC-coated conduit systems,manufactured by Thomas & Betts,complies with UL6,NEMA RN-1 and ANSI C80.1 without exception. >


Ocal® PVC Coated Conduit & Fittings
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