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Catalogue excerpts

Compliant with R Guide / Straight-Curved Guide Achieving a Simplified Mechanism TOKYO. JAPAN

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Straight-Curved Guide Model HMG

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Structure of R Guide Model HCR Balls roll in four rows of raceways precision-ground on an LM rail and an LM block, and endplates incorporated in the LM block allow the balls to circulate. With a structure that is basically the same as four-way equal load type LM Guide model HSR, which has a proven track record, this R Guide is a new concept product that allows highly accurate circular-arc Multiple LM blocks can individually move on the same rail. By arranging LM blocks at the load points, efficient structural design is achieved. # Shortened assembly time This model allows clearance-free, highly...

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Model HCR - Product Overview A circular motion guide of 4-way equal-load type, this model ensures backlash-free, highly accurate circular motion. Since it allows efficient design where LM blocks are arranged at the load points, large circular motion can easily be achieved. I Major applications |Large swivel base / pendulum vehicle for railroad / pantagraph / control unit / optical measuring machine / tool grinding machine / X-ray machine / CT scanner / medical equipment / stage setting / multistory garage / amusement machine / turntable / tool tapped holes.

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Model HCR - Product Overview Rated Loads in All Directions Model HCR is capable of receiving loads in all four directions: radial, reverse-radial and lateral directions. The basic load ratings are uniform in the four directions (radial, reverse-radial and lateral directions), and their actual values are Reverse-radial direction Radial direction When the LM block of model HCR receives loads in all directions simultaneously, the equivalent load is obtained from the equation below. •Radial direction •Reverse-radial direction •Lateral direction

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*1 : Basic dynamic load rating It refers to a load with a direction under which the rated life (L) of a group of dentical LM Guide units QService life The service life of an LM Guide is subject to variations even under the same operational conditions. Therefore, it is necessary to use the rated life defined below as a reference value for obtaining the service life of the LM Guide. •Rated life The rated life means the total travel distance that 90% of a group of units of the same LM Guide model can achieve without flaking (scale-like exfoliation on the metal surface) after individually running...

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Model HCR - Product Overview Radial Clearance Standard Since the radial clearance of an LM Guide greatly affects the running accuracy, load carrying capacity and rigidity of the LM Guide, it is important to select an appropriate clearance according to the In general, selecting a negative clearance (i.e., a preload*1 is applied) while taking into account possible vibrations and impact generated from reciprocating motion favorably affects the service life Radial clearance Preload is an internal load applied to the rolling elements advance in order to increase designated value before being shipped....

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error between the LM block and the LM rail datum plane when the LM block travels rail with the LM rail secured plane using bolts. maximum values of height blocks used on the same width (W2) between each of The accuracy of model HCR is specified in terms of running parallelism ( ), dimensional tolerance for height and width, and height and width difference between a pair (*2 *3) when two or more LM blocks are used on one rail or when two or more rails are mounted on the same plane. The accuracy of model HCR is categorized into Normal grade and High-accuracy grade by model numbers, as indicated...

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Model HCR - Product Overview Shoulder Height of the Mounting Base and the Corner Radius Normally, the mounting base for the LM rail and the LM block has a datum plane on the side face of the shoulder of the base in order to allow easy installation and highly accurate positioning. The corner of the mounting shoulder must be machined to have a recess, or machined to be smaller than the corner radius "r," to prevent interference with the chamfer of the LM rail or the LM block. (^Procedure for Assembling Model HCR To install the LM rails of R Guide model HCR, we recommend having any form of datum...

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Dimensional Table for Model HCR ■ Example of model number HCR25A 2 UU C1 +60/1000R H T ÖModel number HNo. of LM blocks used on the same rail HDust prevention accessory symbol (see page 12) □Radial clearance symbol (see page 6) 0R-Guide center angle 0LM rail radius (in mm) QAccuracy symbol (see page 7) □Symbol for connected LM rail type

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LM rail radiuses other than the radiuses in the above table are also available. Contact THK for details. The R-Guide center angles in the table are maximum manufacturing angles. To obtain angles greater than them, rails must additionally be connected. Contact THK for details. Static permissible moment*: 1 block: static permissible moment value with 1 LM block 2 blocks: static permissible moment value with 2 blocks closely contacting with each other

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Image HCR OPTIONS Options For model HCR, dust-prevention accessories are available. Make a selection according to the application and the installation site. When foreign matter enters an LM system, it will cause abnormal wear or shorten the service life, and it is necessary to prevent foreign matter from entering the system. Therefore, when possible entrance of foreign matter is predicted, it is important to select an effective sealing device or dust-prevention device that meets the atmospheric conditions. 4 Dedicated C-cap for LM rail mounting holes Double seals Spacer 1 End seal 3 Metal scraper...

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Highly wear-resistant end seals made of special resin rubber and side seals for increased dust-prevention effect are available. If desiring a dust-prevention accessory, specify it with the corresponding symbol indicated in table 2. For the supported model numbers for dust- prevention accessories and the overall LM block length with a dust- prevention accessory attached (dimension L), see table 3. Table 1 Maximum Seal Resistance Value of Seals HCR-U Seal resistance value block when a lubricant is applied on seals HCR--UU, value provided in table 1. Used in locations exposed to dust. Table 2 Symbols...

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