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HORIZONTAL FRAMING MACHINE FOR OPENING SASHES TECHNICAL FEATURES Automated framing and screwing of square cut aluminum or PVC sliding sashes and casements. Framing maintained during screwing, possibility of fitting several screws in each corner. Framing along the full length of the posts, to avoid the “barrel effect”. Automated fitting of the top rail and the bottom rail together without machining or bevel. Possibility to frame the opening sashes automatically with 1 intermediate rail. Possibility to frame on different thicknesses of glass panes. Automated placement of glass pane with seal. Automated exiting of assembled sashes. Maximal size of glass pane : height 2500 x width 1750 mm (other on request). Scan this QR code to access more information and videos on www.tecauma.com Advised screw head : Torx. Maximal overall screw length : 60 mm (other on request). Cycle time : 135 seconds / opening sash (corresponding to a sliding sash without any mid-rail, height 2600 x width 1800 mm with one screw in each corner). CONTACT : For further information, please contact us at standard@tecauma.fr

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