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TAGARNO FHD UNO digital camera microscope Electronics - 8 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

tagarno FHD UNO TAGARNO is introducing a new agile era within digital microscopy. Presenting an avant-garde new line of intelligent FULL HD digital microscopes, TAGARNO FHD UNO provides you with the ability to effortlessly adapt into the individual all-in-one tool you need in the blink of an eye. This is the smart investment in your quality, implementing one easily updated and customized digital microscope for manual visual inspection. This enables you to continuously optimize your quality control processes - now and in the future.

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When quality is your most important task - you need a new agile digital microscope from TAGARNO This is a brand new way of thinking digital microscopy. A way that allows you to continuously update your digital microscopes with new possibilities as they come along. This enables you to customize the system to always serve as your favorite magnification tool for quality control and analysis by having the ability to add new features and uses to the TAGARNO FHD digital microscope you have invested in. Being able to add a variety of accessories such as lighting, lenses and tables, enables you to further...

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Improve your quality control by continuously adding new technology to your microscope With the new agile system from TAGARNO, you quickly and easily gain access to the latest technology without having to invest in new microscopes all the time - you only have to invest in your preferred selection of add on features to update your current TAGARNO FHD microscope and you are all set! That way, you always have a digital microscope with the most current and relevant features available and you are thereby always able to alter the system to assist you in your quality work. Obtain excellent image documentation...

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EASY DOCUMENTATION AND VALIDATION WITH A STANDALONE DIGITAL MICROSCOPE FROM TAGARNO Save images directly to a memory stick for easy documentation work With the integrated USB 2.0 slot you can store your images directly on any USB Memory Stick and transfer the images to your computer later, making your documentation work quick and easily sharable around the company supply chain. Effortlessly save and share verification image and video directly from your computer Integrated USB 3.0 enables you to show and capture uncompressed video on a computer for further editing or distribution to colleagues...

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Camera resolution    FHD 1080p, 1920x1080@60Hz Camera zoom    20x optical Autofocus    Yes Work height    Min: 200mm/7.87” Max: 415mm/16.34” Auto Monitor Detect    Yes Plug connection    HDMI output, HDMI input, USB 3.0 output, USB 2.0 input, Ethernet and Sub-D for Control box Dimensions Weight Camera resolution Camera zoom Autofocus Power consumption Standby consumption Storage Operation Work height Work depth Auto Monitor Detect Plug connection Yes HDMI output, HDMI input, USB 3.0 output, USB 2.0 input, Ethernet and Sub-D for Control box

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GENERIC ADVANTAGES USE A DIGITAL MICROSCOPE OF A TAGARNOMICROSCOPE FOR YOUR QUALITY CONTROL PROCESSES TAGARNO digital inspection microscopes are user-friendly all-in-one solutions, which makes it easy to use A DIGITAL MICROSCOPE little or no training at USE the TAGARNO microscopes with all, making ease of use one of your most important benefits - just plug and play. FOR YOUR QUALITY CONTROL PROCESSES Ease of use, documentation possibilities and promoting collaboration, ergonomic working postures and measurement software capabilities areall-in-one solutions, TAGARNO digital inspection microscopes...

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A correct approach to ergonomics and a good working environment provide more energy, better results, higher efficiency and less sickness absence. As a TAGARNO use a digital signal combined with a monitor, and therefore does not depend on an ocular for focusing, your eyes, neck and back are relieved of unnecessary strain, paving way for more adequate and efficient and working processes for optimization of your results. TAGARNO digital microscopes saves you time since they are user-friendly all-in-one solutions, which make it easy to use the TAGARNO microscopes with little or no training at all,...

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Auto & Manual Focus Iris, Gain & Exposure Time Snapshot Presets White balance calibration Turn light on/off Picture flip    Image format Start and lock magnification    Auto capture mode and interval Closeup Lenses    System units Date and time    Focus stacking    (Optional) Ruler on/off and choose ruler color Monitor width or Monitor Auto Detect Lens to object distance 333 mm/13.1"_ RECOMMENDED MONITOR FORMAT Panel format How to link Response time Signal format 16:9 (Widescreen) DVI or HDMI input 2 ms FHD 1920x1080 ACCESSORIES Lens, +3, +4, +5 and +10 XPLUS FHD Control box XKEY Control box Foot...

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