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Catalogue excerpts

Diaphragm Metering Pump

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Safe, Easy and Long-life Relief-valve function, wide voltage range, easy operation, tough body, extensive selection of liquid-end materials, wide discharge-volume range, various control functions ...and many more. TACMINA's lineup of solenoiddriven diaphragm-type metering pumps, highly reliable and top-quality pumps, will answer all kinds of customers' chemical injection requirements.

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Digital Setting Multi Functions Digital-input & Analog-input Digital-Input/Output& Analog-Output Digital Setting Digital Setting Advanced Functions PZiG Digital Setting Digital-input/output & Analog-input Advanced Functions Digital-input/output DCLPW DCLPWM Digital-input/output & Analog-input Digital-input/output & Timer Control Digital-input/output Digital-input/output & Analog-input Digital-input/output & Timer Control No-Input CLPW CLPW Automatic Air-release CLPW CLPWM CLPWT High-viscosity type Model Selection Guide Digital-input/output Digital-input/output & Analog-input Digital-input/output...

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By Application For Injection of General Chemicals Small Capacity Small Capacity Digital Setting Digital Setting Advanced Functions Digital Setting PZiG Advanced Functions mL/min 30 60 Max. discharge volume L/h 1.8 3.6 0.7 MPa Max. discharge pressure 7.0 bar .s Max. allowable viscosity mPa PW PWM Multi Functions PWT Digital Setting Manual Setting Middle Capacity Large Capacity Relief valve function Signal Reference page Small Capacity For Injection of High-viscosity Chemicals Small Capacity Small Capacity Middle Capacity Large Capacity Multi Functions PWT w/ Relief Valve Digital-input/output &...

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DCLPW DCLPWM DCLPWT Air Block In-Line Automatic Air-release CLPW In-Line Automatic Air-release CLPW CLPWM CLPWT Automatic Air-release mL/min 30 60 90 L/h 1.8 3.6 5.4 0.7 MPa Max. discharge pressure 7.0 bar Max. allowable viscosity mPa.s Relief valve function DCLPW Digital-input/output DCLPWM Digital-input/output & DCLPWT CLPW Digital-input/output CLPWM Digital-input/output & CLPWT Digital-input/output & Timer Control Digital-input/output & Timer Control Acrylic (PMMA) Liquid-end material Reference page For details on each product, see the reference page for the respective model or "Explanation"...

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Small Capacity Manual Setting Wide Voltage Range Power Supply Simple Structure Minimum number of parts allows easy maintenance. There is no need to worry about site power supply voltage or voltage fluctuations since it can be used with AC100 to 240 V ( 10%) power supplies. You can also keep it in stock safely since it can be used for a variety of sites and applications. Discharge joint Adjusting Dial for Easy Operation Pump shaft Pump head Manual adjustment from 15 to 300 pulses per minute Water- & Dust-proof Specifications Suction joint IEC standard: IP65 or equivalent Avoid condensation and...

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Specif ication mL/min L/h MPa 1 Max. discharge pressure* bar Stroke speed Stroke length 4x9 Discharge side (PVC braided hose) 6x8 (PE) (hose/tube: 1/4" x 3/8" Suction side I.D x O.D) (PE) for injection of boiler chemicals 15 to 300 strokes/min (dial setting) Fixed at 1.0 mm 6 x 11 (PVC braided hose) 6x8 (PE) 4x9 1/4" x 3/8" (PVC braided hose) (PE) 6 x 11 (PVC braided hose) 6x8 (FEP) 6x8 6x8 (PE) 1/4" x 3/8" (PTFE) (FEP) 1/4" x 3/8" (PE) 4 x 6 (soft PVC hose) 50 mPa . s Ambient temperature: 0 to 40 / Transferring liquid: 0 to 40 (no freezing allowed) 35 to 85% RH IEC standard: IP65 or equivalent...

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Small Capacity Digital Setting Multi Functions Digital-input/output PW PWM Digital-input/output & Analog-input PWT Digital-input/output & Timer Control Higher Safety SAFE mode for preventing Three types of safety functions that realize higher rank risk management Relief valve function for abnormal pressure buildup releasing abnormal pressure notifying abnormal pressure While the discharge valve is closed, the liquid transfer force is controlled to prevent pressure buildup. When the pressure exceeds the setting value, the relief valve operates automatically. When abnormal pressure builds up due...

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Function correspondence table DCLPW/DCLPWM/DCLPWT CLPW/CLPWM/CLPWT PW/PWM/PWT General chemical model 30R/60R/100R Sodium hypochlorite Relief valve function SAFE mode Alarm function ECO mode A circle ( ) is indicated for the corresponding function that can be set. A cross (×) is indicated for the corresponding function that must not be set even though it is technically possible. Superior Eco-friendly Performance The power of conventional pumps was always turned on for a specific period regardless of the discharge pressure. The ECO mode of PW pumps always monitors operation conditions and automatically...

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Wide-ranging Control Functions Realize Ideal Chemical Injection Systems Common functions Manual operation Strokes/minute control The stroke speed can be set in i n c r e m e n t s o f 1 s t r o ke p e r minute. External operation & stop control The pump can be turned on and off using a input signal from an external device. Signal distribution Discharge volume control (PW only) The discharge volume can be set in increments of 0.1mL per minute. The following connections are possible without using a signal distributor. You can connect multiple instances Pulse signal of this pump in parallel. Alarm...

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Stop signal, pulse signal Stop signal, pulse signal Stop signal, pulse signal Sync pulse, alarm output Sync pulse, alarm output Sync pulse, alarm output Item Input signal Digital Analog Type Output signal Number of ports Digital Type Number of strokes Manual operation Control 1 to 300 (Enables setting in 1-stroke units) 0.1 to maximum discharge volume Discharge volume (Enables setting in 0.1mL/minute units) control Pulse proportional control Analog proportional control Timer control External operation & stop input signal Timer control Interval mode Pump operation can be turned on and off in accordance...

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Model code Not all model combinations are possible. When selecting the pump model, first check “Specification” and “Liguid-end material”. Model(discharge volume standard) Series name 4 9PVC Hose standard (size/material) Liquid-end material Joint specification VTCE VTCF FTCE FTCF FTCT 6TCT [Boiler chemical liquid injection model w/relief valve*2] 30R : 28mL/min [Boiler chemical liquid injection model*2] 30 : 28mL/min PW: Standard (pulse input) type PWM: Analog input type PWT: Timer control type Power plug Applicable standard [High-pressure chemical liquid injection model *2] 30 : 25mL/min [High-viscosity...

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