Solenoid-driven Metering Pumps PW Series - 12 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Solenoid-driven Diaphragm Metering Pump

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Equipped with New Functions for Higher Safety, Superior Eco-friendly Performance, and Optimal Ease of Use Control functions Higher Safety Three types of safety functions that realize higher rank risk management SAFE mode for preventing abnormal pressure buildup Relief valve function for releasing abnormal pressure Alarm function for notifying abnormal pressure The liquid transfer force is controlled during no-discharge operation to prevent pressure buildup. When the pressure exceeds the setting value, the relief valve operates automatically. When abnormal pressure builds up due to clogging of...

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Function correspondence table General chemical model 30R/60R/100R Sodium hypochlorite Relief valve function SAFE mode DCLPW/DCLPWM/DCLPWT CLPW/CLPWM/CLPWT Alarm function ECO mode A circle ( ) is indicated for the corresponding function that can be set. A cross (×) is indicated for the corresponding function that must not be set even though it is technically possible. Superior Eco-friendly Performance Automatically cuts power-on time in accordance with the discharge pressure Power-on time to solenoid 1 cycle Power consumption reduction example: PW-60 model Operating pressure: 1.0MPa Number of strokes:...

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Wide-ranging Control Functions Realize Ideal Chemical Injection Systems Control functions Common functions Manual operation Strokes/minute control You can set the range between 1 and 300 strokes per minute in 1-stroke units. PWT Relief valve side pipe (air purge hose) External operation & stop control Level meter Discharge volume control (PW only) The pump can be turned on and off You can set the range between 0.1 using a input signal from an external and the maximum discharge volume device. in 0.1mL-per minute units. Flow meter (pulse/analog) Synchronous pulse control A single pulse can be output...

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Item Input signal Stop signal, pulse signal Stop signal, pulse signal Stop signal, pulse signal Sync pulse, alarm output Sync pulse, alarm output Sync pulse, alarm output Manual operation Control Number of ports Digital 1 to 300 (Enables setting in 1-stroke units) 0.1 to maximum discharge volume Discharge volume (Enables setting in 0.1mL/minute units) control Pulse proportional control Output signal Analog proportional control Timer control External operation & stop input signal Timer control Pump operation can be turned on and off in accordance with the setting of the timer. You can set any ON...

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Application examples Elevated water tank Simple water purifying treatment Residual chlorine meter Control panel Distribution Control panel Distributing reservoir Residual chlorine indicator DC420mA Residual chlorine indicator Power supply Residual chlorine meter Residual chlorine indicator Residual chlorine meter Sampling valve Elevated water tank Circulation pump Water lifting pump Level switch Chemical injection system PTS Sampling valve Control functions Liquid Water-storage tank transfer pump Circulation pump Sodium hypochlorite storage tank Swimming pool Circulation type bathtub Bathtub Swimming...

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General chemical model PVC type Discharge side joint Ball stopper Check ball Valve seat Pump head Diaphragm Pump head Check ball Fluoro rubber Valve seat Special fluoro rubber Ball stopper Discharge side joint Pump head Compression coil spring Valve stopper Check ball Fluoro rubber Pump head Check ball Valve stopper Suction side joint Suction side joint PVDF type Discharge side joint Boiler model (PVC) PW/PWM/PWT Check ball Valve seat Pump head PVDF Ball stopper Ball stopper Check ball Check ball EPDM Fluoro rubber Special fluoro rubber Valve seat Pump head Diaphragm O-ring EPDM Special fluoro...

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Model code Not all model combinations are possible. When selecting the pump model, first check “Specification” and “Liguid-end material”. Model(discharge volume standard) Series name PW: Standard (pulse input) type PWM: Analog input type PWT: Timer control type S : Standard CE : CE marking -compatible Power plug Applicable standard [Boiler chemical liquid injection model w/relief valve*2] 30R : 28mL/min Joint specification VTCE VTCF FTCE FTCF FTCT 6TCT Control functions Hose standard (size/material) Liquid-end material [General chemical liquid injection model w/relief valve] 30R : 30mL/min 60R...

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Control function specifications PW Output Number of strokes Maximum current Maximum power consumption VA Average power consumption 1 to 300 (Enables setting in 1-stroke units) VTCE VTCF FTCE FTCF Proportional band/set point method Air purge hose with relief valve*1 Anti siphonal check valve WEEK + Interval Division Foot valve Ceramic weight Hose pump External stop signal Cable ties (INSULOK®) for relief hose (spare)*3 Alarm output External operation signal Operation sync pulse Discharge side: 2 Suction side: 1 Suction side: 1 High pressure High viscosity Signal cable Pump attachment bolts and...

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Safe Pump Models Dedicated for Sodium Hypochlorite Injection Air block In-line type automatic air-release In-line type automatic air-release Air block and in-line type automatic air-release function In-line type automatic air-release function Control functions Two mechanisms for preventing gas lock In-line type automatic air-release mechanism DCL and CL series are equipped with an air-release mechanism designed using a new concept. The in-line air-release mechanism of these models assures the elimination of air that is trapped in the pump head and automatically prevents the discharge trouble caused...

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Model code Not all model combinations are possible. When selecting the pump model, first check “Specification” and “Liguid-end material”. Control type Model (discharge volume standard) DCLPW : Air block and None : Standard (pulse input) W/ relief valve 30R: 30mL/min in-line type automatic airtype release functions 60R: 60mL/min M : Analog input type CLPW : In-line type T : Timer control type 100R: 90mL/min automatic air-release function Liquid-end material Joint specification Applicable standard S: Standard CE: CE marking -compatible JPL Power plug EUP:Euro plug ULP :UL plug AUP:Australia plug...

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