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Smoothflow Pump

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Smoathf/ow Pump

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Constant & Stable Flow Ideal Method of Liquid Transfer Eco-Friendly Economical For Those Who Want Total Control in Liquid Flow Smoothflow --- the ideal method of liquid transfer. This innovative method not only meets your liquid transfer needs, but provides optimal solutions to Man, liquids and the environment as well. TACMINA's Smoothflow technology, based on unique know-how cultivated over 50 years, delivers you ultimate performance and provides complete satisfaction. TACMINA is a specialist manufacturer of high-precision and functional metering pumps, and has, for over 50 years, been...

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Smoothflow Pump -- this provides high precision and outstanding capabilities, as well as performance above and beyond your expectation. No Liquid Leakage Liquids transferred do not leak outside the pump. This makes it possible to prevent high-value chemicals from being wasted and poisonous chemicals from harming people or the environment. Furthermore, you can always keep your factory clean. No Contact With the Open Air The full sealing construction of the Smoothflow Pump ensures the safe transportation of liquids that easily solidify or evaporate when they are exposed to the open air, thus...

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Ease of Precise Control The Smoothflow Pump possesses excellent linearity and responsiveness, thus achieving precise flow control without suffering any undue influence from pressure changes. Furthermore, the Smoothflow Pump transfers liquid continuously at a fixed flow rate, thus the flow can be easily controlled using a flow meter. Safe and Reliable The Smoothflow Pump maintains the stable inner pressure of the piping, thus ensuring site safety for even narrow or long pipes. The Smoothflow Pump makes it possible to minimize the number of required auxiliary parts that must be installed....

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Responding to all your process needs by a versatile lineup TPLHydraulic type High-precision Ideal for process lines that require strict control, such as optical film, IT, and high-purity pharmaceutical process lines. •Having about half the installation space of other conventional TACMINA pumps, compact and easy to install and carry •The best fluid transfer precision of all our Smoothflow Pumps •Side-opening system allows replacement of parts and maintenance without removal of pipes. Model Specification *1 As there are cases where a liquid with higher viscosity than the indicated...

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Ideal for the metered injection of difficult-to-transfer chemical liquids and fluids, such as high-temperature, high-viscosity resins and inflammable chemicals. •Highly durable, ideal for demanding use in processes. •Simple mechanism, ensuring easy replacement of parts and maintenance. •Specifications can be flexibly changed to suit liquid types and applications, such as the attachment of heat insulation and cooling jackets, and the separation of liquid end part. •Cleaning-in-place (CIP) compatible (sanitary type only). Sanitary type Model Specification *6 D type is PVC type only.*7 W type...

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PLSS Smoothflow pump for supplying coating liquid • Ideal for high-precision supply of a fixed volume of various coating liquids such as UV-cured resin, filler dispersion liquids, and electrode materials to die coaters and gravure coaters. Smoothflow pump for supplying liquid with high discharge pressure • Ideal for ultra high-discharge pressure applications in facilities such as chemical plants and supercritical fluid process lines. • Performs high-precision and high-pressure injection of small volumes of liquids without being affected by the injection-side pressure. Triplex Model •...

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