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Catalogue excerpts

XPL Direct-Driven Type Metered Supply Trace Amount Supply

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Smart & Compact Introducing “Smart Pumps,”precision pump technology condensed into a compact body. The XPL Series embodies the combination of product development and improvement ideas from more than half a century in pursuit of precision pump technology with an always-attentive ear for customer requests and concerns. In addition to basic performance improvements such as accuracy and capabilities, these “Smart Pumps” offer every element necessary for a pump̶from usability and maintainability to cost performance̶packed into a compact body. The XPL Series of pumps was designed to solve all the unavoidable...

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Improving the Quality of High-Precision Chemical Transferring Pulsations have been eliminated at the pump. For precise chemical transferring at a continuous flow, the XPL Series makes it possible to maintain a stable chemical concentration. Conventional pumps Uneven injection Air Chamber Response Lag In the air chamber, “discharge delay” time lags occur between when pumping is started and when the actual flow rate becomes stabilized at the set flow rate. When pumping is stopped, “drippage” occurs when liquid continues to flow in the chamber. Also, when the pressure is varied, the flow rate remains...

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Wear-Resistant with No Sliding Parts The lack of sliding parts in liquid-end components means you never have to worry about damaging slurry or about malfunctions and contamination due to pump wear even when transferring slurry. Conventional pumps Pump wear or failure or Slurry breakage Improving the Quality of Coating Processes The XPL Series ensures high-quality coating by preventing coating unevenness and horizontal steps caused by pulsation as well as empty spots caused by foaming or air intrusion during feeding. No coating No horizontal unevenness steps For Those Looking For Better Control... Installation...

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Smart & Cost-saving Smart Equipment Design for Reduced Installation Space and Costs 2-liquid mixing systems By combining the mixing and dilution processes in-line, auxiliary equipment such as mixing tanks, agitators, and transfer pumps become unnecessary. Systems can be designed to be compact and simple. Wide-range controlling Conventional pumps Conventional pumps Using just the inverter and controller, wide-ranging 100:1 control is possible. Speed control system module Digital servo Controller Speed control operator Speed control controller

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Automatic Control System for Reduced Management Work The ability to measure flow using the flow meter means users can manage the feed amount in real-time as well as instantly change the flow rate using the inverter. Automatic control systems can be built easily by combining these and other measuring instruments. “Smart” Design for Incorporating in Equipment Compared with conventional products of similar specifications, the XPL Series offers 20% less volume and weighs 30% less. In addition, the pump can be used in equipment even without a base, making incorporation that much more compact. Removable...

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Easy & Clean Easy Disassembly and Maintenance Disassembly without removing piping Liquid-end parts can be disassembled even while the piping is connected, helping to minimize work time. Simple maintenance of liquid-end parts Electroless nickel plating for compatibility with organic solvents The XPL Series features electroless nickel plating, making it usable for transferring organic solvent-based chemicals. This also makes maintaining a clean process simpler. Thanks to a forward layout design, the two pump heads are positioned toward the front. This makes it possible to perform maintenance even...

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Easy to Customize to Suit Applications and Requests Specifications are flexible and can be changed to match the characteristics of transfer liquids, applications, and installation site circumstances. Liquid-end parts Standard motor Motor with controller *Compatibility with materials other than the above, such as titanium, Hastelloy C, and PVDF, is also available. Electroless nickel plating *Other customer-specified coating specifications are also available. *1 Dedicated adapter required separately. *Liquid-end parts are examples. Shapes may differ depending on the model.

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General chemical injection Laboratory-scale transferring of trace amounts Dispersion machine Base component Thin film coating Coating Spray

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n Series name XPL : Standard XPLS : Sanitary*1 Q Liquid-end material Q Connection type 5 Valve seat structure STST VTCE VTCF M : Female screw W : Standard 01    STST    M: Female screw W: Standard 1 VTCE    M:    Female screw W: Standard VTCF    F    :    Flange STST VTCE VTCF M : Female screw    W : Standard    *1 With sanitary specifications, the liquid-end F : Flange    material 3 will be “STST,” and the connection type □ will be “C: Clamp.” * Max. discharge volumes are for room-temperature water. *1 Values in parentheses are for 1.0MPa. *2 For standard screw connection types. *3 VTCE / VTCF:...

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In order to make full use of metering pump performance (metering, discharge accuracy, etc.), installation of the correct piping design and auxiliary devices is required. Appropriate piping can also lead to prevention of piping and pump trouble as well as accidents, ensuring safety and security of the production line. The recommended piping for the pump model will assure full utilization of the metering pump’s capabilities. Relief valve *1 Due to the force (inertia) of the discharge process, liquid may continue to flow even if the pump is not discharging. *2 Because the position of the tip of the...

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